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JOHN FORD COLEY/Very Best of: He might not have the partner anymore, the financial muscle of the big leagues or the last 45 years since he opened Led Zep's first American tour, but he still has the mustache, the smile and the voice that powered a nice hatful of 70s soft rock hits, most of them reprised here on this new recording. Mixing in some 70s soft rock classics that he had nothing to do with but admire, this is a nice walk down memory lane complete with the indelible piano riffs that were part and parcel of the hits.

JACKSON DELANEY: This outlaw revivalist comes out of the box with such a Waylon inspired growl it almost feels like a parody until your ears find their footing and you realize this cat is for real. Sidetracked out of a nascent baseball career by injury, he self professes that music found him and he hopes the rest will be history. This is one atavistic sound we wouldn't mind hearing more of. Check it out.

JAIMEO BROWN/Transcendence: One seriously hell raising mash up of jazz and black art forms, at it's core, this feels like civil rights free jazz geared for those who want their minds blown. To be sure, this is art jazz all the way and casual listeners will probably run for the hills, but fans of this kind for artful dissonance will know they are home. Crazy stuff that gleefully pushes the bounds of creativity.

OLIVIA FOSCHI/Perennial Dreamer: When the vibe is just right, you just know. Having labored in the vineyards long enough, a chance meeting offered Foschi the opportunity to go for it, and she did. With Ulysses Owens at the helm, this international set has the solid feel of a New York, low key jazz vocal date that magically provides enough heat to chase the winter away, where ever you are. Moving through originals and classics with a sprightly touch, it set works and works well throughout. Tasty stuff from a solid, new find.

BILL HARRIS QUINTET/This Time the Dream's on Me: You're 63 and you have to follow up a smashing late in life debut. What do you do? How about come out with a small group date that shows the one before was no fluke. The sax man leads his crew through a set card of oldies that pretty much haven't been beaten to death finding a freshness and snap that makes it all younger than springtime. A wonderful breath of musical fresh air, let's hope his new found career as a band leader keeps rolling along like this. If you ever had a taste for those then indie jazz label smoking combo sessions, this set brings the sound into the present, keeps the vibe in tact and simply blows your mind. A non-stop mainstream groover's paradise.

RENEE YOXON & MARK FERGUSON/Here We Go Again: One of the hardest working jazzbos in Ottawa, Yoxon flexes her jazz wings a little farther afield than on her past recording by going all original with a cabaret vibe underpinning it all. A vocal date that has art chick written all over it, it's a nice dose of sophisticated cocktail music for a pomo world.

ANNETTE CANTOR/Songs to the Goddess: Remember the good old days of Singh Kaur and Kim Robertson doing their part for Gaia? Now we find Cantor the chanter hooking up with multi-instrumentalist Deuter to sing some wordless songs to various goddesses looking for help and offering thanks. Stuff your girl friend will certainly listen to in her car if she's of a certain age and of a certain bend, the pros on board make this a charming set that handily hit's the mark it sets out to. Meditation music that takes it's purpose seriously, it comes from Santa Fe so you know this is no contrivance.

TURNTABLES ON LAS RAMBLAS/various: Now we find party meister Nicodemus expanding his Turntables on the Hudson reach to reach around the world plucking a bunch of exclusive tracks from his pals in Barcelona making this the first of a projected worldwide series. Contemporary Latin dance and party music, this is a heady brew that's left of center but keeps the mainstream in mind and is just at home in any yuppie back yard party as it is in the streets it came from. Tasty, zesty and with just the right amount of caliente to make everyone feel included, you don't have to know what they are singing about to enjoy the proceedings. A solid glimpse of tomorrow served right now. Check it out.

Volume 37/Number 122
March 3, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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