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ANTONIO ADOLFO/Finas Misturas: Mixing his own originals with original takes on jazz classics, this Brazilian jazz vet/pro serves up a sum total of what 40 years worth of chops are about. A distinctly Brazilian jazz piano outing that doesn't rely on samba or bossa, Adolfo has crafted a listening session that swings nicely without being wan and feels like summer just before it breaks wide open. A Brazilian national treasure that needs more love on this side of the Equator, he plays with the vigor and style of a player half his age and has yet to drop a disappointing session on these shores. A lovely date that you should either check out or miss at your own peril.

THE REV JIMMIE BRATCHER/Secretly Famous: Here's one of those blues/rock sets that catches you by surprise. Produced by Jim Gaines, this cat who has a day job doing prison ministries (as in he's really a preacher) knows how to lead a blues power trio, something he's always wanted to do and is now into his 7th album of doing same. The prison thing probably is why this sounds like the kind of blues that would be comfortably at home in college bars where blues are welcome. Offbeat stuff powered by some meaty lyrics, this is one of those things you want to reach for when you are ready for something completely different.

KOBY ISRAELITE/Blues From Elsewhere: Without Facebook, there probably wouldn't have been Arab Spring and as remote places get new tools, there's a learning curve that makes the average gringo think these remote types are still Flintstones. World traveler Israelite, currently based in London, merrily mashes stuff up but comes up with things like the Boswell Sisters over Johnny Cash rhythms from Saudi Arabia. In his ears, this isn't novelty record but to our ears, this has Brooklyn hipster written all over it. Really a punk rock take on world beat, this wonderfully off the wall set might not be as outlier as you can get but it's merrily off the beaten track and more freak folk than a lot of other things. Pass the peace pipe around and enjoy of toke of this blend.

GIOVANNI MOLTONI/Tomorrow's Past: Right in the pocket of all those Verve and Bluenote albums that weren't hits but have become classics in people's ears, Moltoni and crew deliver a listening date that was made for those evenings when it's just you on the condo balcony with a smoke and a drink after the sun has gone down and the gnats have buzzed off. You feel like reading but you don't really want to. This music knows exactly where you're at. Smart stuff by a guitarist that knows how to give the rest of his crew some, this is a fine example of solid music for the real muso. Check it out.

KYLE EASTWOOD/View From Here: Who'd have thought we'd ever see the day when white scions of privilege, power and wealth would exile themselves to Europe to become ex-patriot jazzmen in search of the recognition their home land wasn't giving them. This time around, Eastwood finds the funk and lets it fly in fine form. Still a jazzbo to the core, this bass ace is right on the money throughout with no distraction even when dipping his pen in the homage inkwell. This is one seriously great after hours jazz set that really goes the distance.

MELVIN TAYLOR/Taylor Made: After a two disc, instrumental tour de force, Taylor gets right back in your face as a blues singer. With a 70s Ike Turner dead pan delivery, Taylor keeps the fire burning with his mighty axe as he delivers the sound and fury that he's known for. As the cover tips you off, this is a real blue lights in the basement kind of disc that has after hours written all over it. Solid stuff that blues/jazz/rock guitar fans will know is the real deal throughout.

ROBB CAPPELLETTO GROUP/!!!: When a young guitar cat comes right out of the box and let's you know he's got as much Montgomery in him as he does McLaughlin and that he plans to build on the foundation of both, you know you've got a real guitar slinger to deal with on your hands. Leading his trio in fine, sure fingered style, Cappelletto has a mash up going on in his head that uses more than juice to electrify his guitar. Tasty stuff that makes a real statement cutting edge guitar fans will love.

KELLY RICHEY/Sweet Spirit: With 20 years under her belt, Richey has stripped her sound down to raw basics and now sounds like Joplin might have if she ever made it to those 12 step meetings. With still plenty of amphetamine buzz to go around, this is no dame to take lightly, even if she unapologetically looks like somebody's hippie mom. One of the few remaining hard core rockers that still isn't afraid to gargle with razor blades, this'll take you back in the day, even if you weren't there the first time around but want to know what all the hub bub was about, anyway.

Volume 37/Number 114
February 23, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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