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CONNIE MIMMS/Getting' There: Lloyd Maines and the Texas/Nashville gang serve up a great back porch/down home setting for this Texas/Nashville vet that been making her bones as a background pro for a while now. A lovely dose of pre-sippy cup folk/country, Mimms shows what an important spark plug she's been when given the chance to shine on her own. Tasty throughout, you probably need adult ears to fully appreciate this set but all you need is a taste for real Americana and you're home. A delightful winner that hits it out of the park with each track. Check it out.

GREG BORING/Heave Syrup: I either got a lousy pressing of this or it's minimalist malcontent music to the max or a trust fund kid's idea of deeply profound. I don't know what to make of it and doubt their parents would even listen to it.

SCOTT & CHARLENE'S WEDDING/ Two Weeks: A nice dose of fucked up sunshine pop that would have been at home on college radio more than a generation ago which makes it ripe for rediscovery. Does anybody still listen to college radio?

CY DUNE/No Recognize: Huh? Retro no wave noize taken to it's illogical extremes. Why?

REBECCA LUKER/I Got Love: Funny thing about the Jerome Kern song catalog, there's more to it than what you hear in piano bars and on Frasier repeats. The Broadway pro expends on her well received boite Kern show from last summer adding songs and instrumentation to the mix that wasn't there the first time around. If you think you know Kern, take a new ride with him on the wings of the voice of this angel and open yourself up to a whole new treat. Killer stuff.

PHIL LEE/The Fall & Further Decline of the Mighty King of Love: In the spirit of a Chip Taylor one for me alt.country/Americana record, this former running mate of Duane Jarvis serves up the alt for those who hear it as more than just a marketing handle. Must hearing for those who proudly love it left of center.

YACHT ROCK REVUE: Times change. It used to be pomo fun to make fun of K-Tel, now the mantle has passed to Time Life infomercials. Aping the 70s sounds with as much affection as snicker, this is a sweet little gasser for the mild musical malcontent that could use a good laugh most others won't get. Check it out.

GANDALF/Dreamweaver: After 30 years of meeting the demand for ever increasing sonic complexity, Gandalf has mentally gone green by going back to his acoustic roots and finding a way to merge complexity with simplicity. Using those well honed chops to create something that's as much NAC as it is new age, this Gandalfian effort might borrow the Gary Wright title, but this artist hasn't resorted to classic rock frippery to grab attention. His well conceived sonic paintings do that for him. A first class set that fill the bill for mellow and meditation throughout.

Volume 37/Number 91
January 31,2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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