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BEATA PATER/Red: An art chick in the Flora Purim mode, Pater uses her voice as another instrument in the ensemble. She has smart jazzbo chops but this kind of thing might not be for everyone. If you like funky riffs with an art chick on top, this is the diversion you've been waiting for.

MARK KLEINHAUT NEIL LAMB/Jones Street: Two cats from Maine find themselves in an historic site in Savannah, GA and suddenly decide to record some spontaneous jams and improvs. Happens every day, right? Whatever the back story, these two jazzbos play off each other nicely channeling all your fave axe men from the Wes Montgomery era and style. A nice tasty work to kick back with, jazz guitar fans will be highly impressed with the good vibes flowing in fine form here. Check it out.

AARON DIEHL/Bespoke Man's Narrative: A young, award winning jazz pianist steps up for his debut by reinvigorating the cool school MJQ vibe and even went so far as to pick players who understood this and had the chops and desire to get further inside the heads of the original players. Not an homage but a continuance, there might be no direct connection to the MJQ legacy here, but said legacy is in good hands. Solid jazzbos all, this is as much an ensemble recording as a solo recording and the listener collects all the goodies. Hot stuff.

OLI ROCKBERGER/Old Habits: Ok, don't run away. This guy sounds like Michael McDonald lite doing lite jazz. Come back here, it's not yukky! A well seasoned behind the scenes guy, he knows the right moves and knows how to skillfully apply them to make something new that just pulls you right in. One of those cats that's played with everybody from across the musical spectrum, this music might be lite but there's nothing light weight about it. Nice solid pop/jazz that goes right for the sweet tooth and doesn't leave cavities. Well done.

VYIE/Nightingale: Oh, those crazy kids. If you didn't listen closely enough, you'd think this is some modern updating of yeah yeah French 60s girl pop. The unmistakable pomo vibe would have to alert even the most casual listener that there's something else going on here somewhere. Well, geezers, this is death pop and as much as you'd like to get to know the blindfolded blonde better, this ain't yeah yeah, it's millennial xanax music with a wall of sound edge. Crazy stuff for crazy times, you were there once yourself.








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