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CHRISTOPHER ALPIAR QUARTET/Jazz Expression: After 20 years apart, this former big apple mainstay Coltrane revival group finds their paths crossing again and their angry, young man blood flows in way that certainly would make Coltrane smile, in his free jazz years. Raising the bar and avoiding the clichés, this crew knows their stuff and won't waste your time with their space exploration originals. Right up your alley is this sound is your alley.

KYLE KINANE/Whiskey Icarus: This gravel voiced street guy could look Rodney Dangerfield in the eye and say "and?" when Dangerfield riffed on getting no respect. Reveling in being a fuck up in a fucked up world, at the end of the day, Kinane has his waders and raincoat on helping him navigate life's ceaseless shitstorm. With humor. If you're living in the contemporary world, this guy is a riot. And the record has an extra 20 minutes that weren't in the cable special, all of it a riot as well---and not ready for prime time. Check it out.

SCOTT HEALY/GLENN ALEXANDER QUARTET/Northern Light: Essentially, a one take improv session from Healy's tyro years recorded just as good fortune was smiling on him and his pals and technology was changing enough to relegate these masters to the back of the closet because the time and ambition to transfer them to some new media wasn't in evidence. Recorded in 1991 just outside the 1991 lines, with a little outside help and guidance, this could have been an important session for ECM as they were then going through a period of being pissed off about being compared to Windham Hill. A nice example of thinking man's jazz from another time and place that doesn't sound dated.

BARRY ROMBERG'S RANDOM ACCESS/Crab People: If you want to explore the Canadian jazz avant garde in an award winning space where fusion meets free jazz, this drummer and his consistently changing crew release their 12th album in 12 years and keep the vibe flowing. If "Bitches Brew" is never far from your cd changer (or in your 200+gb mp3 player), this is something that'll open your ears nicely.

GANDU: Nothing stays the same and this isn't your father's "Slumdog Millionaire". The anti-Bollywood take on "Trainspotting" and other youth crisis movies, this is the story of an Indian kid living in shit that wants to be a rapper. With his co-addled pal, he scales the heights with loads of depravity in tow. A festival darling of a pic, this is to the current, disaffected multi-culti generation what "Easy Rider" was to their grand parents. A real punch in the labonza, this is what contemporary, gritty film making is all about. One seriously wild ride that'll have you taking another peek just to make sure you saw what you thought you saw.

DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE: Director Bill Zebub, who can make a movie with less money that you would put in a vending machine, turns up the gonzo and turns down the humor in this quest to make the most fucked up movie ever. In the tradition of "Fat Guy Goes Nutso", a screwy janitor gets fired and goes on a rampage against all the bitches in his work place. The director says he makes movies for rejects to jerk off to and the sexual rampage that takes up the last hour fills that bill. Soft core gonzo for the off the wall minded.

Volume 36/Number 26
November 26, 2012
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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