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AVISHAI COHEN/Triveni II: A forward thinking modernist, Cohen puts his trumpet front and center and the blowing is what you come for. With a post modal Miles vibe tipping the cap to the greats that came after and were simply overshadowed, Cohen blazes a singular trail here for hard core blowing fans that want to hear a hail of notes that stops just short of being a sheet of sound. Looking forward but with it's heart in the 60s, Cohen continues to show himself as a leader for all seasons.

LE VENT DU NORD/Tromper le Temps: And for all the yuppies that can't get into Cirque du Soleil, here's these Canadian folkies that mix the past and the present into a well woven sonic verite that mixes everything including the kitchen sink into the kitchen sink for a prized set of things the yuppie that prefers his pyrotechnics in the music can love. Even if you don't really know what these Frenchies are talking about, the vocals are passionate and the music perfectly expressive. Once again kiddies, we see music is the international language--and those the speak it well really get their point across no matter what. A real find for the armchair world beater that needs to set sail on a worthy, new voyage.

VERY BE CAREFUL/Remember Me From the Party?: If you can't figure out why it doesn't sound Mexican it's because it's Afro-Columbian cut with punk trying to stay pure in the face of cumbia getting a mainstream foothold. Accordion driven wild sounds are still on tap for this crew's sixth release. This is the kind of crew that keeps the party going until the last person has left. Loaded with music that melts into a late hour haze, this isn't what you hear in a club, this is what you hear when loud speakers are set up in the parking lot, or the alley. Gringo, it's a party you should check out to really get your ears opened up.

JON LUNDBOM & BIG FIVE CHORD/No New Tunes: One of the stable mates at Hot Cup has come up with something so out there, it's only available as a download from his web site and for $5. Talk about cutting out the middle men, he doesn't even give a hoot for crowd financing. If you're not a Billyberg hipster, this is the sound of academics out slumming, otherwise the 60s free jazz meets 80s punk will hold a deeper meaning for you. With the Hot Cup crew in tow, this is like a 10s version of what was going on at Bluenote in the 50s---just don't lay it on grandpa.

NAKED TRUTH/Ouroboros: These relatives of the King Crimson family turn in a second album that feels like the soundtrack to an as of yet unmade futuristic horror/thriller movie. Careening beats and a wall of sound with holes in it are what this set is all about. You really have to have left leaning electro tastes to get into this.

HAT CHECK GIRL/Road to Red Point: This is simply one of those records that makes you utter a heavy duty ‘goddamn' before anything really starts to happen. With an opening vibe that gives you the feeling that this is something inspired by Pentangle (hell half the duo is from that era), it keeps going some place else, even if that some place isn't that far away, like John Martyn. Two songwriters at the top of their game, with inspiration from the 1930s depression and drawn from desolate coasts, hit it out of the park. A solid set of deep songwriting, you can't help but come away from this amazed. A wonderful set that raises simplicity to a mystifying art, people that like some meat with their music will be enthralled. A winner throughout.

LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA/Zappa V. 1-V.2: Here's where you really decide who's a real Zappa fan and who isn't. How did you feel about a lot of the score to "200 Motels"? Some like his comedy, some like his playing, but the hard core will follow him into full orchestral versions of his work where it's more about the symphony than Zappa. Modernistic stuff from when the LSO was a fixture around the movie studios and it was well known they could play anything, probably even Captain Beef heart. Almost an anomaly if you don't have your sights set on Zappa, because LSO is playing it straight, it winds up being even more out there than Pierre Boulez's take on FZ. Wonder what would have happened if "Billy the Mountain" fell into their hands.

FRANK ZAPPA/Orchestral Favorites: With some overlap with the London Symphony sets of orchestral takes on the FZ canon, this is different because it was originally conceived for the often talked about, never completed "Lather" (pronounced ‘leather') that was a grand Zappa vision that never materialized. Different from the LSO production, this sounds like it was performed by the Saturday Night Live Band on acid warming up for a Disney/Pixar scoring session. Anyone who owns a copy of "Waka Jawaka" or "Studio Tan" probably won't know what you are talking about if you don't say you love this.

Volume 35/Number 358
October 13, 2012
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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