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DAVID RUFFIN/David: Originally released 33 years too late, because of the massive pent up demand on the part of Chalkie and his Northern Soul pals, the 2004 physical release is long gone but it's back now with new packaging. This was originally intended to be a star maker release for Ruffin, but no matter how much Motown put into it, they never released it. Thank god for the tireless efforts of geeky crate diggers. Out again in another limited edition, this is golden stuff from a golden era loaded with woulda/coulda/shoulda been hits that will live on with their own momentum. A glorious find for classic soul junkies.

THE JACKSON 5/Come and Get It-The Rare Pearls: Between the Steeltown recordings and the launch of the dynasty that would be, Deke Richards was pulling out the stops with loads of forward thinking and media grooming that would actually find the kids playing ahead of their time. A double disc of nascent sides that sound fully mature, you can thank the contract gods for inserting those overcall clauses in young artists contracts insuring there would be loads of unreleased stuff for years to come. When you add the cross collateralization element to the contract, this is another reason why the artists bitch they never get paid, because they have to earn back the cost of masters never released, but the listener comes out the winner in situations like this. A wonderful find for those who just can't get enough that is Jackson.

FRANK ZAPPA/Baby Snakes: Coming from a re-energized late 70's period, this soundtrack to a pic that took a while to come out finds Zappa at a rocking high point that split his fans, still today. With an all star band full of progressive music household names backing him up, Zappa stripped down a lot of his "Live in New York" performances and showed power trios he knew how to kick ass with the young people--and even make them lap up the dada. Sort of a mainstream/best of Zappa, looking back we see this was only a breather with more stuff to come flooding over the dam in due course. Hot stuff if you're more partial to his music than his madness.

PIERRE BOULEZ/Boulez Conducts Zappa-the Perfect Stranger: With Zappa's unabashed love for outsider classical music no real secret, Boulez was a fine choice for the outré classical cat to bring Zappa's work a real classical vision. Certainly a Bernstein or a Previn could have entertained the task, Boulez was the right guy at the right time. Already a touch wizened, Boulez appreciated the noisy side of classical and took Zappa right into the orchestral Stockhausen realm for a wild ride that sounded like the soundtrack to a Disney crew cartoon on acid. Every artist has a longing for one of those ‘one for me' recordings, and when you are running and financing your own label, who's gonna say no. This is where the music at the end of "We're Only in It for the Money" went to after it tailed off into the chrome plated megaphone of destiny.

Volume 35/Number 356
October 11, 2012
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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