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DAVE WIDOW & THE LINE UP/Waiting for the world to End: Yep, it's one of those ‘how did they do that?' albums. You never heard of Widow yet everyone you've heard of knows and loves him--and shows up here to lend a hand. All the backbones of classic AOR radio records are here and they're all having a good time kicking it out on that white boy blues that was always part and parcel of their musics. After hours without being sloppy, Widow and his first call pals are doing the stuff they wanted to do but had to water down for the record labels and radio---but they did it live and you used to go nuts. Fun stuff, loaded with white boy R&B that keeps the party rolling. Check it out, this ones a keeper.

TERESA JAMES & the Rhythm Tramps/Come on Home: She's a red headed blues belting lady with Mike Finnigan (who apparently never takes a day off) backing her up, but you won't mistake her for Bonnie Raitt. Originally from Texas and proudly wearing her Janis chops on her sleeve, this two fisted broad is a perennial blues award nominee and her time to win is certainly just around the corner. High octane stuff that let's you know she knows she's the boss right out of the gate, this is romping, stomping blues belting session that makes you pay full attention. Killer stuff throughout.

TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU/You're the One: Rigney is one of those cats that has the ability to make each new record better than the last. Working outside the mainstream, he's free to stretch the boundaries of Americana, whatever that is and that means. A happy, upbeat party time record that keeps the party going, Rigney and his crew kick it off with some zydeco and know the real meaning of le bon ton roulette. Exciting roots music that brings the genre more fire then it's used to, and is very welcome. A winner throughout.

NAREH ARGHAMANYAN/Liszt The 2 Piano Concertos: A former tyro that is now wowing them as a young adult, this pianist is the classical world's latest super hot shot handily showing her sterling debut was no fluke. Knocking it out of the park on a collection of Liszt works that are not the easiest mountains to scale, Arghamanyan has the touch and knows how to use it. Very much in command of her art and her instrument, this is a collection of warhorse repertoire that is breathing new fire. Easy to assay it as hot stuff throughout.

RED LOTUS REVUE/14 Stories: From San Diego they came. This is their debut but individually, the members of this crew have managed to clean up at blues awards programs. Coming together with a Texas/Chicago vibe where Sonny Boy Williamson met Howlin' Wolf at Batts while waiting for some face time at Chess, this is loaded with a bunch of natchurl born choogle that feels as old as the cover songs here. Mixing in some originals that feel like they are chestnuts, this crew knows how to deliver classic flavored blues that never come across as less than the real thing. Sounding like white boys that forgot they are white, this is a winning performance more concerned with authenticity than fashion. Check it out.

GREG ABATE QUINTET featuring Phil Woods: Woods rounds up the old Omnisound gang to give Abate a game raising run for his sax money. Not a passing of the torch but a reality check to see the sax future is in good hands, this is a straight up blowing date that you can sit back and drift into and let the rest of the world fade away. There's nothing here that's a game changer but it's just so well played and damned nice to hear that it's hard to resist. Loaded with straight ahead and bop, this is simply prime jazzbo stuff that hits all the right notes.

Volume 35/Number 352
October 7, 2012
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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