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CHARLIE HUNTER-SCOTT AMENDOLA/Not Getting Behind is the New Getting Ahead: Hunter's first album of new material in three years will not confuse the hard core Hunter fan, but this guitar/drum duet date will further perplex those that wonder what happened the Hunter they knew from his Blue Note days. Music to reflect the tenor of the times, it sounds like what you would hear at a smoky, late night club out of film noir. It's easy to draw a line in the sand here.

MANTAN MORELAND/Elsie's Sportin' House: Charlie Chan's sidekick put down the chop sticks long enough to hit the chiltin circuit well before his death 40 years ago to deliver a load of period comedy that has fallen into disrepute today (and at times is pretty hard to understand). A wily cat that did what he had to do in light of the times, even if it doesn't fit the format today, this stuff is as historically significant as Lord Buckley or Lenny Bruce. And if you pay attention, it's pretty damn funny as well. Actually, if it wasn't for the ‘blackface schtick', most of the content would fit right in with what most left leaning comics are doing today.

KERRY KEARNEY/Ghosts of the Psychedelta: Stick with this past the amped up opening cut to get what you really came for. Freak folk/roots by a stunning slide guitarist that can play it straight or play it straight to the moon. An energetic guy that likes blues without dust on them, he has a load of diverse writers meet up at the crossroads and he delivers a good time for left of center contemporary blues fans, white boy style. It's a natch with summer festivals and cold beer.

STRANGE PASSION/various: Talk about digging in the crates, here's a bunch of obscure, early 80s Irish punk. Is the target market for this some 45 year old guy whose mortgage is under water? If you dug the tide and times, this is the journey thorough the past you've been waiting for. Especially now that Chumbawumba has officially broken up.

GATO LIBRE/Forever: This is the last time you'll hear the original line up of this progressive jazzbo bunch as one of the crew passed on just after this was recorded. Any time you're pissed those first generation AACM cds sound too tinny to listen to today, this is a good antidote to dig into. Art jazz all the way for those that like a challenge in their listening.

NATSUKI TAMURA-SATOKO FUJII/Muku: In which we find two of the key players from Gato Libre stripping down to just the two of them for one of their duo face offs. Yes, it's minimalist, samurai jazz from one of Japan's top jazzbo art chicks that continues to wear her malcontent stripes proudly.

YOUTH OF THE BEAST/Seventy Seven: You can be a multi instrumentalist. You can be veterans of the Orange County punk bank mill. But, if your dad beat Ewen MacColl into you at an early age, Mumfords be damned, you are eventually going to sprout your nu freak folk wings and fly. You don't have to be raging against a machine to be a malcontent and this duo has decided to be the ones to lead the way.

Volume 35/Number 292
August 8, 2012
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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