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PEE WEE ELLIS/Tenoration: This twofer is billed as from jazz to funk and back but it forgets to mention the big role blues plays in the proceedings both in the music and Ellis' horn. While there's no dust on this veteran cat that's been around some very interesting blocks in the history of rock and soul, he isn't afraid to journey through the past and light up some dark and almost forgotten alleys. Fine blowing from a cat with real tenure, if you wan to lay back with a good time that's more than easy to take, Ellis is ready to have you on board. Well done.

JIMMY LYNCH/Nig*er Please!: In this trigger happy, retweeting world, we took the liberty of putting an asterisk in the actual title of this 1977 comedy reissue simply because we don't want out of context tweets making us look like something we aren't. You know what it says. Anyway, it actually is kind of scary that in 1977, a gut bucket chitlin circuit comic can get laughs with a story about a black man getting lynched for being with a white woman. Embracing a full range of supper club showmanship, this sidekick of Dolomite is getting some halo effect love these days in light of a new appreciation of Dolomite. Billing himself as a nasty, funky tramp, Lynch isn't afraid of aiming low, going blue and coming up with the laugh in the end. Like a Richard Pryor from the po' side of town, Lynch knows how to cut to the chase and cut to the quick quickly for some wild, raucous humor that whitey probably never knew existed and black folk of a certain age will laugh at nostalgically. It's comedy and it's a history lesson at the same time.

THE BLACK SEEDS/Dust and Dirt: Soul reggae from New Zealand comes across as down tempo world beat so this is what you can expect from stuff that comes from a place of no rules and few restraints. A fun collision of sounds and styles, if you want some modern funk that brings it's own special sauce to the party, this is the right thing for you to shake it up with. A solid set throughout that keeps the late night party going even farther into the night. Check it out.

CARL BARKS/Uncle Scrooge-Only a Poor Old Man: Like a great philosopher once said, "Duckberg wasn't built in a day". Long after we first met Donald Duck, we finally meet his Uncle Scrooge in the late 50s. Not anything like the Scrooge the youngsters know today from "Duck Tales", when we first meet Scrooge, he's just spent 13 years counting all his money, is standing on a 99 foot pile of it and can't remember how much there is or where he left he paper he wrote the numbers down on. This leads to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's (then known as blinkus of the thinkus), all of which happens in the first two pages. And so it goes as this volume collects stories so groundbreaking and towering that the stories have their own Wikipedia pages (real currency these days!). And the genius that is Barks rolls through some of the greatest comics ever written from there. Loaded with the kind of stuff that made you glad to be a kid, not everything today has to be 140 characters to be meaningful. Stuff this fantastic can only come around once in a lifetime, but luckily, it can be enjoyed forever. If you really want to spend some quality time with your kids, put down the damn video game and crack this open. Read it to them and feel free to do the voices as well. Simply magnificent. And it is Disney so that little bastards can't break your balls about any branding here either.

Volume 35/Number 165
April 3, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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