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MIA DOI TODD/Cosmic Ocean Ship: Expert folkie/chill music for the Hawaii in your mind ( if you can't get there for real). Easy, laid back western island feeling music that is cinematic in feeling and scope as well as vibe. Tasty stuff that gives you the summer lilt you need all year long.

SPIELGUSHER: Has it really been 40 years since "Gulcher" was on every hipster's coffee table (the wooden spool from a big bunch of cable wire)? To the six people that still remember him and still care, this missive is for you. Hooking up with some punks that that understand it all and back him up, this is much like the Tuli Kupferberg solo record he made late in his career where he was reading the classified ads. It was a long time ago, you had to be there. It defies description to anyone that never read Bomp or Zoo World et al. You know who you are on both sides of this fence.

ULLMANN DALHGREN THOMAS/Transatlantic Bass X 3: The sound of ECM meets drugs as everybody here is playing something that's some kind of bass but it sounds like some kind of minimalism taking place in the alley behind the jazz club. From subsonic stuff to skewed cartoon music for experimental cartoons, this is stuff that's way over to the left side and beyond. Give it a spin and see if you can tell if it's all improvised.

CLARINET TRIO/4: There's more creativity here than a mere compact disc can hold. The music is wild and goes beyond categorization and is almost like the jazzbo version of headache music. Oontz oontz for eggheads? Get thee to a church basement pronto and let these good times roll there.

STEPHANE GRAPPELLI & TOOTS THIELEMANS/Bringing It Together: If you have even one appreciative traditional jazz bone in your ear canal, you won't need to be persuaded that this pairing of Grappelli and Thielemans is as good as it gets. Playing tunes that would have been right at home in the Hot Club, this 1984 session that has been reissued several time s over the years will always be fresh and never wear out it's welcome. 30 years on, the sound of these two masters is sure to live forever. Killer stuff.

ARRICA ROSE & THE...'S/Let Alone Sea: Misleadingly looking like a hippy chick on the album cover, this isn't freak folk music. This is what you would expect to hear if you found out the adorkable girl was playing Nico in her headphones reaffirming your believe how everyone has a scary side. The perfect sound for today's pissed off college girl, Rose knows how to capture a moment in time and make the most of it, with irony and passive/aggression for all.

KEVIN KERN/Enchanted Piano: A veritable greatest hits set of pieces fans have told Kern has loads of special meaning for them. An easy going piano man on the cusp of new age meeting NAC, this warmly melodic collection is just the perfect tonic to soothe jangled nerves that feel like they'll never be jogged in to shape ever again. A well stacked, winning collection that arguably is the best of Kern's best.

NEW YORK GYPSY ALL STARS/Romantech: Described as the multi culti sound of music jumping the turnstiles, this crew got together in the far reaches of the big apple and sounds ferment and foment until the spring forth with their own energies. Just when you think it's some kind of ethnic music, the switchback hits and it's something else. World music that's blossoming right in your own backyard, you can enjoy belly dancing and opium all at once with this in the background. Check it out.

Volume 35/Number 93
February 1, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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