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NO STRANGER HERE: First class multi culti genre blender that goes way heavy on the art. If you're looking for pop songs this isn't the place. If you want something that provides a wild atmosphere, this is a fine stopping point for someone looking for something new.

SUZANNE & THE BLUES CHURCH/The Cost of Love: A young lady with a background that sounds like a movie who has placed well in guitar competitions shows she knows how to strut her stuff in the real world. A real guitar slinger that is firmly in the wronged woman and pissed off about it blues tradition, Ms. Thomas has the voice, chops and moves to go right to the top of the blues world in the blink of an eye. A heavy duty blues set hat's sure to take you by surprise, this set doesn't have a false note in the bunch and is sure to become a fave of yours in no time. Check it out.

MARY BRIDGET DAVIES/Wanna Feel Somethin': Davies is a blues belter that's got an eclectic enough ear to cover Oasis, Eagles and bring Chi Coltrane back from where ever to serve up a rousing finale that would make Coltrane come out of where ever to do a digital only release. You can't fault a young white girl for wanting to be Koko Taylor and Davies steps up with a solid debut to convince you that the future of traditional blues is in good hands. Solid stuff.

MICROWAVE DAVE & THE NUKES/Last Time I Saw You: Rough and ready power blues trio of white geezers that have mastered the low down and dirty sound that separates the growling white boys from the suburban wannabees. Microwave Dave has been kicking it out for years so he has all the proper moves down making this a frat party platter for the ages. Fun stuff for when you need that after hours vibe to be front and center.

SUBNOIZE SOULJAZ/Underground Collabos: No matter the economic class, the suburbs aren't the land of Ozzie & Harriet anymore and no music company seems to know this better than Suburban Noize as they successfully cross all lines. Now they take it to the next level. Blending the acts within their own label community, no matter what genre they represent, speed and hard hitting is the link that ties everything together here. With smoke being the main unifier throughout, weeds doesn't make you as aggressive as the goings on here. A wild ride throughout, this is the new gold standard in musical mash ups. A must for the young and restless.

Volume 35/Number 82
January 21, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2012 Midwest Record

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