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RACHEL FEINSTEIN/Thug Tears: With all the explicit warnings on her Amazon page, I was hoping that Feinstein might be the long awaited foul mouthed Jewish broad successor to Pearl Williams. Even with handicapping for Williams doing her thing 60 years ago, Williams is still awaiting her replacement. Feinstein ain't just oily chopped liver ya cholarya. Feinstein is Sarah Silverman without the ironic smugness or Lampanelli or Griffin without straights having to leave the room when the gay stuff start flying. A straight up stand up with a light potty mouth and a knack for slipping in and out of character voices that rivals Eddie Murphy, Feinstein mixes just the right of angst, frustration and face palm situations into a stew that makes this a real high holiday of laughter. Clearly fun stuff that goes the distance.

ENOCH SMITH JR/Misfits: A first class throwback to church basement civil rights art jazz, but with a lot more polish than something that a self financed artist would be expected to bring to the fore. It sounds better than a lot of the back in the day stuff that was produced with pocket change as an after thought by ofay execs trying to be relevant. A very cool, off the beaten track set where everyone is a pro and delivers accordingly giving this the seeds to be a left field breakout from the genre. Well done.

MA DUNCAN MEYER THILE/Goat Rodeo Sessions: All you have to do is listen to a few of the 30 second snippets on this record's Amazon page and you will be sold on it as a first class, adult instrumental listening experience. Perhaps the highest watermark on the whole Americana/roots/new age/Celtic thing since it first came out of the gate as NAC in the early 80s, this crew fits together so precisely that you don't know who is raising who's game. With Yo Yo Ma acquitting himself as a roots player retaining the alacrity of his classical chops, he has elevated his position to force of nature. Stuart Duncan finally gets the love he deserves and what can you say about Meyer and Thile? A killer set for anyone that wants some immersion in instrumental Americana that sets the new gold standard.

DELITTO D'AMORE: What's the college kid that's had it with Wenders and Herzog supposed to do to keep his malcontent film viewing ways up? Switch from German contemporary cinema to Italian contemporary cinema. They have enough angst to keep the fires fueled. A mid 70s pic, this piece is equal parts "Romeo & Juliet", man's in humanity to man and a look at the post war industrialism to came to Italy and rolled over the common man in it's wake. And it's well shot and directed too. And in the end they all die because the system failed them. A real throwback to the days of cinema that made you think.

Volume 35/Number 22
November 22, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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