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DUNYA/A Story of a City...Constantinople, Istanbul: A double cd that's not for the musical tourist but is for the serious musical tourist, a world music collective casts their musical gaze to the Turkish capital in way that would make Tracy Sterne proud. Not just a world music travelogue, this is more like an audio, world music cinemascope. Classical music fans would certainly understand how this could rivet you to your chair as the performance unwinds, you can bet your boots this is adult listening of the highest order and an especially good find if you like your movies with subtitles.

KISSING PARTY/Wasters Wall: All the hipsters trying to do the twee boy/girl pop thing just don't come close to this bunch that just know how to deliver it with a big red bow wrapped all around it. First class, skewed sunshine pop that sounds just like non-stop munching on your fave candy. When you really want to drop the pretense and get silly, this is the perfect soundtrack for it.

DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY/original off Broadway cast recording: PS Classics has a way of finding musical theater forgotten from the 20s and 30s and bringing it into the future to make something special. Maury Yeston is the face of the future of Broadway music. Letting both parties play to their strengths here takes things to a whole new dimension for both. Starting with source material that's already been a play and a movie, Yeston comes in with a whole new score for this story about death going on a resort vacation and falling in love. Deliciously surreal and presented in such a way that's totally normal, this is a show music high spot for this season. Simply a recording that any real show music fan shouldn't be without, Yeston has assured his place among the greats with another classic sounding Tommy Krasker production. With everything spot on at every turn, you can't help but sit back and fully enjoy this top shelf score/cast album. Killer stuff.

RAVISH MOMIN'S TARANA/After the Disquiet: An ep of global village world jazz, this is for the adventurous college kid that likes a little off beat noize to distinguish himself from the pack. College music all the way, this is cool stuff for the outer edge.

WAYNE HAUGHT/The Crying Kind: Wild. An alt.cowpunk really from the heartland ricochets back to his roots with a country gospel set that comes from someplace so deep that it can't be an act and it can't help but affect you. When you realize just how alt cats like Johnny Cash were in the first place, it all starts to make sense from a perspective you never considered. Organic doesn't come any better than this. Hot stuff.

DWIGHT TWILLEY/Soundtrack: Life it's own self is just becoming more and more pomo every day. A docu maker is making a docu about Dwight Twilley and asks him to do the soundtrack to it, but with new songs. Well, if you're a Twilley fan, it's something certainly different for his canon. Basically an autobiographical power pop album, some of the players on it are already gone and it really shows how everyone is just getting older. If you're taste for power pop isn't getting older, this set will only find it getting better.

HORRIBLE BOSSES: It's tempting to call this the child of "Office Space" but a lot has happened in the world since then and this pic reflects how those changes have come down to the workplace of today. Let's face it, every boss is a nut job. In fact, most bosses are backwards and a backwards boss is ssob (a double s.o.b. to you non anagram fans). So, why not kill them? Who hasn't thought that? With a load of solid actors, welcome faces and a contemporary comedy script that is right in the pocket, this is the pic for the children of the "Office Space" workers---and hey, Jennifer Aniston was in both and this time she's the pain in butt boss, not the put upon worker (and there's no inside joke about her screwing Lumburgh to get where she is). This comes in Warners new superpak where you get different versions of the pic as well as different formats. Get out the Jiffy Pop, put your feet up and let one of the best fantasies this side of porn get your mind off of things for a while. And have a few laughs along the way if it doesn't ring too true. Well done.

GREEN LANTERN (extended cut): Hey, so if your tent pole pic doesn't make it in the theater, just spiff the hell out of it and send it home where it will be a totally different experience. As much a special effects movie as it is a super hero movie, hey, he just isn't Superman. I'm surprised Spiderman came close to Superman. How much can you take? When you're looking to veg out at home, quite a bit. A great extravaganza for your home theater, this comes in Warners now "standard" multi format package that let's you enjoy everything from a humble DVD to a cloud version. If you hate when Seth Rogan goes dramatic, you're still right in the pocket to let the crime fighting in space begin.

Volume 34/Number 344
October 11, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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