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THE BAREFOOT MOVEMENT/Footwork: Call it folk, bluegrass, Americana, down home, back porch, NAC--whatever you like, just be sure to call it killer. If more Americana sounded like this, we'd be riding a folk music wave that hasn't been seen since the early 60s. With so much spirit, heart and sound coming from young adults that have been pals since high school, the musical side of this music is in good hands for the future. Simply a killer set that is on the money throughout that any folk etc fan will love. A winner throughout.

MARY LOUISE KNUTSON/In the Bubble: Several years ago, Knutson came out with her debut set and it was one of those come out of nowhere sets that knock you off your pins. It took a while for the sophomore set to gestate, but once again, she shows that jazz piano trio is alive and well, standing tall in the moment and with a good future on the horizon. Polished, accomplished and always in the pocket, you can tell she's honed her chops in lounges and clubs leading up to a set that hits you with some real, direct communication. Tasty throughout, this is a goodie not to be missed. Check it out.

SOS BAND/Icon: The Groove on Sirius has been hitting SOS Band pretty hard so if you forgot how much fun this crew was back in the day, or if you never knew the first time, the 80s soul/R&B hits are all here in full force with the compliers not shying away from extended remixes as well. You don't have to be going to a steppin' party to get into this. Sure it was highly commercial stuff but in cases like this, that ain't a bad thing.
15112 (Tabu)

LISTEN TO ME-BUDDY HOLLY/various: Well, here's one way to keep a catalog fresh. Bring in a producer that pretty much is responsible for the original revival of the sound, have him round up a bunch of disparate acts that feel an affinity for Holly and represent lot of points on the demographic curve--then let the good times roll. With "it" girls from Stevie Nicks to Zooey Deschanel on board, there's something for everyone, but it also seems like a full on something for everyone, not a scatter shot something for everyone. If you're a real Holly fan, this will not disappoint and that's pretty high praise. Well done.

TROMBONE SHORTY/For True: Sounding like a funky college marching band from Nawlins, there's some non stop wildness going on here that will appeal to kids and party people of all ages. With crazy accents coming at you from all directions from hip hop to amped up Nawlins funeral march, how can you resist this contemporary tour de force that takes a whole raft of jazz and funk to places they haven't been to yet? With the added bump of his TV presence, this is sure to get listeners off the couch to enjoy the groove. Hot stuff.

KITTY DAISY & LEWIS/Smoking in Heaven: Original, mash up, skanking world jazz inspired by listening to too much Thievery Corporation and US3 as well as, probably Jolly Boys and who knows what else that you weren't listening to when these kids were. Sounding nothing like what is listened to in the suburbs, this is the kind of stuff that drives college kids crazy when they first hit the dorms, and often turns their heads for life. Dizzyingly fun stuff that is clearly a world class party on a platter.

THE FAIRCHILDS/Our Revolution: Some rich kids that want to be stars come closer than others. This Frenchie, who's bio sounds like something David Bowie might have cooked up, comes in with a hard rock, arena rock sound to introduce himself to the world. With both feet firmly in the 70s sonically, the verdict rests in the hands of kids that want to rock. Have they gone juggalo or will this fly in their skies? Let the bombast fly.

BILL O'CONNELL/Triple Play Plus three: So, what happens when a jazz piano man wants to make a trio date but wants the third chair to be filled by rotating players bringing something to the chair you might not expect? Um, check out the title and apply accordingly. Snazzy stuff that's upbeat and tasty throughout serving up something that let's the various third chairs add their special sauce to the proceedings. Do you think it won't be a good time when the rotating cast is made up of Paquito D'Rivera, Dave Samuels and Dave Valentin? Get it? Expect the unexpected and let the good times roll, just like the players did. Well done.

Volume 34/Number 332
September 30, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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