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CAITLIN ROSE/Own Side Now: Her twee voice will mislead you out of the box if you think this is some twee chick folkie thing. This is a real country pop date that flies in the face of current expectations and has all the hallmarks the music had in the 70s that made it so appealing before it devolved into mush. With that vulnerable but strong vibe chiming in shortly after the record gets started, Rose is right there with chops that deliver the goods not needing help from volume control or auto tune to wring the emotion out of you. Tasty stuff from a young artist that seems to have arrived fully formed, this is a youngster to keep an ear out for as she's going to be filling that ear quite nicely. A sweet set that goes the distance and won't let you down.

STAR ANNA & THE LAUGHING DOGS/Alone in this Together: She hangs with Pearl Jam, she's from Washington, she's given it a go in rock and Americana but this moody young lady seems to have found her métier in post grunge, confessional rock that is a great dose of music for the medicated. Each new generation has their own travails and Anna seems to have hit her generation's travails right on the head. This generation of college girls has finally found an Alanis of their own.

LOS DESTELLOS/Constelacion: It's come down to this, when the gang at Secret Stash does some world beat unearthing and says ‘looky here', we look. A 1970 cumbia band that does music so out there that when you get the album info from FAI, it calls this music ‘cumbia peruana' whatever that is. Mixing Latin music with surf guitar and other stuff from a weird vacation band playing on the beach at your resort, this is certainly Ricky Ricardo on peyote, or something. A super slab of sound for gringos looking for Latin music from another planet or a distant time zone, this is simply going to drive you nuts. A left field winner throughout.

Volume 34/Number 321
September 19, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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