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LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM/Seeds We Sow: Can you picture those doofuses at the Warner Music Group trying to convince Buckingham that cross collateralizing his accounts with them and taking a 360 rights deal was a good thing? Betcha that's why he turned his back on the system. No longer the hard charging young man we first met 38 years ago, the man that put up a million of his own dollars to make sure the man he introduced to electric guitar and high tech/industrial folk got a proper funeral has a whole lot more of "Revenge of the Budgie" than "Go Insane" here, and that's not altogether a bad thing. While he does everything here from soup to nuts himself, this is much more a later period John Stewart kind of thing than a Todd Rundgren thing. A mature rocker looks back and rewards his true friends (those that have been around for his ‘one for me' solo career) with some real music for phony times. Hard hitting stuff from a man that has no plans to go gentle into that good night.

JOE DeROSA/Return of the Son of Depression Auction: Suppose you're like me and you're not familiar with his satellite radio gig, his pod cast or his first album--you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Take Rodney Dangerfield and his late blue set, add some low self-esteem, bombast and an edge that makes it clear you don't know what's going to come out of his mouth next and it adds up to a killer contemporary, cutting edge stand up comedy experience. DeRosa should be a major comedy star as his edge cuts through everything and it's totally unique to him. As you listen, you hear he's not angry, he just has no boundaries or any desire to observe them. He's a riot and he's contemporary without relying on references that will be dated in a week or two. Killer stuff for those not easily shocked that want, need and love to laugh. A winner throughout.

DOUG BENSON/Potty Mouth: Recorded once again on 4/20, the dude that's not your father's pot comic brings his own cloud of haze to the party that is anything but a bunch of smoke. The stand up comic that makes you think he can barely stand up is loaded with a new bunch of observations that are, well, skewed. Existing somewhere between Steven Wright and Cheech & Chong, this party animal from the back row of your high school class brings class clowning to a higher, new level. Yeah, just like Dean Martin was drunk all the time, Benson seems half baked but he's on the money throughout with smart comedy that doesn't quit. A genuine laugh riot. A bonus dvd is included for the real fans that want to collect everything.

NATACHA ATLAS/Mounqaliba Rising-The Remixes: For everyone that missed the old Atlas, her indigenous album is given a remix treatment where the remixers are given the spotlight to toss around their electronics and wizardry. With current politics thrown in the mix as well, this takes Atlas to a bunch of new places that she might not even have anticipated. Made all that more exotic as old and new clash, sort of just like in real life, it's sometimes hard to dance over breaks that sound like the evening news, but it remains wild stuff reflecting global transitions that nobody can really get a handle on.

GLASSES MALONE/Beach Cruiser: With a name like that you'd expect this rapper to look like Urkel, but he's a hard mutha that's a real g and has the badass pals to prove it in his posse. Who would have thought that rap would be around long enough that it would have a legit old school set of back pages that we would come to appreciate over time as it's deeper than the kid shit the major labels keep trying to push off. This is a great throwback to the dope shit that got us pissed off white boys into the sound back in the day. Check it out, Malone is on it all the way.

Volume 34/Number 298
August 27, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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