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BOBAN & MARKO MARKOVIC ORCHESTRA vs. FANFARE CIOCARLIA/Balkan Brass Battle: So, that cute Eastern European girl that moved into your building recently? The one that doesn't seem to have a bald, thuggy boyfriend? The one you can't figure out how to ask out? Get this battle of the Balkan brass bands, put it on your boom box and play it in the laundry room when you've been stalking her to see when she goes there. Don't know if you'll get a date with her, but she will give you points for trying and will probably admire your fearless sense of humor when you clumsily and inappropriately try to dance the kazotsky for her to this. A fun record that's certainly to the left of mainstream American tastes, it ain't day old smoked fish over there. This is the stuff that gets the party started. Of course, if you get her back to your place you'll want to switch to Barry White, but hey, this will work almost as well as giving her your ATM code. It's unabashedly ethnic but it's high octane throughout.

BILL CARROTHERS TRIO/A Night at the Village Vanguard: Sometimes, all you have to do is let the music speak for itself. Carrothers is a jazz piano man in the tradition of all the great trio leaders in the past. He showed up with his crew at the Village Vanguard one night and rolled tape for 2.5 hours capturing work outs on classics and originals in a swinging, post bop romp. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it. If you need something new in the Evans et al bag, this is the place. It's two discs of can't miss Well done.

LICKERISH QUARTET: Right at the edge of the beginning of porno chic, Radley Metzger turned in an erotic R rated pic that pretty much broke all the taboos for a ‘mainstream' pic up to that time. How can you tell a jaded kid today what was cutting edge over 40 years ago? It looks quaint today. A foretelling of the "Poison Ivy" series where this Ivy wasn't poisonous at all, a family picks up an actress that turns them on and she does the whole family. Lesbo chic? Can you believe it? Even if time has dulled the edge, Metzger was an erotic pic visionary and it's still a delightful and stunning pic to watch today. There's loads of extras in case this inspires your filmmaking monster within.

ADUA AND HER FRIENDS: Oh, the things that were shocking 50 years ago! Rome shuts down all the whore houses so four whores decide to open a restaurant but they can't get a business license! A local political fixer wants to help, but it's under the condition he pimps them and a secret whore house is in operation over the restaurant!!!! If it wasn't for the level of talent on board on both sides of the camera and the socio political zeitgeist in the air at the time, this first time on DVD pic would have been just another b pic looking for traction. The performers and the director all kick ass in service of the pic and slagging this would be like slagging "Citizen Kane", another monster that time has passed by. With a crisp, first class restoration leading the way, this is a great gateway to neo classic Italian cinema for those ready to move beyond pics where things blow up. Check it out.

Volume 34/Number 205
May 25, 2011
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Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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