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REBECCA KILGORE & THE HARRY ALLEN QUARTET/Live at Feinstein's: In these over done times, what better way than to pay tribute to the sound of Holliday and Young than by honoring their vibe rather than their sound. Kilgore nails the vocals her way, Allen nails the sax his way and the rest of the gang is right in step. Loaded with classic feeling moves, this set makes this crew feel like a long time bunch rather than a bunch that came together for a live gig that really smoked. You dig mainstream, classic jazz? Skip Harlem and get off at Loew's Regency for this one where the joint is jumping like it hasn't in years. Hot stuff throughout.

BUCK PIZZARELLI & the West Texas Tumbleweeds/Back in the Saddle Again: Bucky's first ride out west might have been looked as a novelty, but now it's a series with this being Volume 2 of Arbors Country Series. Monty Alexander checks in, but other than that, the gang is pretty much the same as it was last time out. The first set had a pretty predictable set card, this one finds itself stretching and reaching with plenty of material to fit under the penumbra to fill a disc but some out of the box choices are included as well. Pizzarelli can play anything and he really tears it up in the west again. Did this come out of Bakersfield or Hill Country or what? A fun western swing romp throughout where everyone is having a grand time. Check it out.

DAVID GIBSON/End of the Tunnel: I wasn't paying attention to what this was when it started to play but upon hearing the Jared Gold organ riff on a Herbie Hancock tune, I thought cool organ date, cool vibe, let's just admit Posi Tone is the new Prestige? Surprise, it's a trombone date with a cool sax as well. If you've been hitting that classic non-vocal jazz channel on Slacker lately, this is right in the land of the vibe you've been madly grooving to. A solidly smoking set that will have you wigging, daddio!

TRAVIS SULLIVAN/New Directions: The cat from Bjorkestra comes back from that concert tour of Mars with a new focus on small group dates that give him the rightful chance to shine. A creative, melodic date, the sax man knows how to step to the front and center and give you your moneys worth and what you came for. A solid player with a bright future bottomed by well honed chops that doesn't need to hide behind any concept. Well done.

MYSTEFY/Me: Perhaps not your usual art chick but an art chick nonetheless. Almost right leaning in her stance than the usual left leaning, she covers off beat love songs and brings a quasi cabaret panache to the fore in the process. Certainly an after hours, adult date, Mystefy is certainly a breath of fresh air and brings a different breeze to jazz vocal in the process. A different kind of low key day that really knows how to start a fire.

LISA KIRCHNER/Something to Sing About: Simply put, here's an art chick you just might not know what to do with unless you can appreciate borderless, sitting down jazz and let her be your tour guide on an audio trip to somewhere else. A daughter of the great American songbook, she's got a solid enough resume that she doesn't have to fall back on genetics to get her point across. A great voice for the art side of things, she knows how to sell a song, and knows several of these songs on levels one can only imagine. A perfect example of a record the needed to be made.

ANDREA WOOD/Dhyana: Here's one of those bright youngsters whose diversity and curiosity could work against her if she's not careful. With a wonderful set of jazz chops to work with, Wood goes as far and wide as her upbringing to make classic jazz go pomo. It's good that she's laying the seeds right now, but she might also want to keep in mind that if she spreads herself too thin, no one will know what to make of her. With this self produced debut, she casts a fine shadow and leaves no doubt that she one to watch for tomorrow. Right now, she's still got some more schooling ahead of her and you know she'll be in the front row soaking up all the music profs have to offer. Certainly one to keep an ear on.

TROY ROBERTS/Nu-Jive: Hard charging, angular sax man has the Coltrane shadings, but his sheets of sound are his own. Solid nu jazz that hit's the right notes with ease, here's a new cat for progressive ears to dig.

Volume 34/Number 201
May 21, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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