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BASE 3/Live From Earth: Space music to aid and abet your fave intoxicant. A little pre-Kraftwerk 70s Kraut space rock that goes wide to the ambient side.

GRASCALS/Dance Til Your Stockings are Hot and Ravelin': Certainly one of the appealing things about this group beyond their musicianship is their sense of humor. With Andy Griffith finding his show celebrating it's 50th anni, the Grascals turn in their tribute to the show which featured The Dillards mostly and a few others. Even if they did throw in a ringer tune of their own, this set is sure to remind you why The Dillards doing Beatles songs rings a subconscious bell with you. Killer stuff.

KENNY WERNER/Balloons: For a guy that stays mostly in the background, when he does choose to step out, nothing but the crème de la crème turns out to support him. A first class listening session all the way, the crew goes to that instrumental place beyond the edges of jazz and they sound like a much bigger bunch of players to boot. Introspective without drudgery on board, this is simply the work you would expect from a cat that's a peer among august peerages. This kind of music used to be called classy, now it's called welcome. Well done.

DANIEL JAMIESON'S DANJAM ORCHESTRA/Sudden Appearance: Big band fans can rejoice as this youngster was influenced by the Boss Brass and took the lesson's he learned listening to Rob McConnell to heart. With a lightly progressive edge, Jamieson leads his crew of hitters through a solid program that sounds like it came from an accomplished pro. A solid set to open jaded ears, Jamieson will easily hold court as long as he likes and this sudden appearance is certainly an auspicious debut. Check it out.

GARLAND JEFFREYS/Ghost Writer-One Eyed Jack-American Boy & Girl: After an auspicious debut on Atlantic that underperformed since they didn't really know how to position Jeffreys, he found himself on A&M for a three record stay in short order. While being a working class, urban Springsteen in effect, A&M didn't know what to do with him either. So he left behind three solid 70s pre-disco singer/songwriter sets. A first class confessional songwriter, if this is your first time around with this material, you are in for a treat all the way through.

REYNOLD PHILIPSEK/Tales From the North Woods: Any pal of Connie Evingson's is a pal of ousr and this guitar man from her neck of the woods knows how to heat up a cold Minnesota night. A smart guitarist that's been at it forever, you'll probably wonder why you never heard of him before or how he at least never wound up doing nature records for NorthSound. An instrumentalist that knows his stuff, you shouldn't bag him in new age or jazz just because he can command a solo stage on his own. It's solid instrumental music. On this outing, he isn't afraid to let you know he loves Wes, of course Django, Piazzolla or even Monk. Tasty stuff for acoustic guitar fans to really dig into all the way.

COYOTE POETS OF THE UNIVERSE/Pandora's Box: Now that they've made it to their fifth record, confounding some along the way, amazing others, the Coyote's take it up a notch making outsider music that falls somewhere between electric 70s English folk, late 60s Zappa and anything else they feel like. Look, put this on and fire up a doob. What else is there to say? Everything will be just right in the end.

MIKE ELDRED TRIO/61 & 49: The hard bopping cats that wound up backing anyone in LA that wanted to do some jumping, bopping stuff kick it off on their own in truly righteous fashion. Not exactly roots, rockabilly, jump blues or whatever, these cats are what remains after the Blasters blasted apart. Simply fun stripped down rock, this guitar slinger is a great reason to get any party started and the fun never ends. Hot stuff for raving rockers.

Volume 34/Number 180
April 30, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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