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ARK OVRUTSKI/Sounds of Brazil: For all of our talk about multi-culti/genre bending etc, here comes a Russian cat approaching the half century mark that loves the sounds of Brazil as filtered through 70s Herbie Mann sessions. A fun retro neuvo session that has piano great Helio Alves shining once again and jazzbo attractions that stray beyond the title. Jazz from another view that brings some fresh air with it.

ROXANNE POTVIN/Play: What do you do after you win a Juno after building a career as a leading, young blues light? Burn it all down and start over as a pissed off folkie apparently. Potvin followed that path and now sounds like an Alanis for the 2010s. There's a lot of pissed off young ladies out there that will understand this right from the git. What the hell, it worked out pretty good for George Carlin when he left Vegas behind for the college campuses.

BRULEE/New Beginnings: Here's an under the radar set that'll catch you by surprise. Julie Weiner brings the classic world weariness to her vocals in the style of Annie Ross, Chris Connor, Sue Raney and the rest of those grand vocalists. The music is purely after hours and the whole concoction is an adult listening special event. Certainly more vibe driven than hit driven, this is like some act at some bar you tumble into by accident and it's like they are playing for themselves. Wild stuff that adult ears owe it to themselves to check out. Hot stuff.

DANIELLE REICH/This Year's Kisses: Hey, remember fun? Apparently Reich does. A Florida opera singer moves to Houston and sets the local jazz world on fire. Happens everyday, right? A jazzbo to the core, Reich checks in with a set of swinging standards that haven't been over played and are welcome to hear in dusted off form. Simply a jazz vocal treat from a thrush that's well on her way. Check it out.

WORLD RADIO 108/Ethnomusicology: Not new age, not spiritual, not world beat, this is a throwback to the 60s in a lot of ways where free jazz met world sounds and eastern mysticism. A throwback to the 60s in a lot of ways himself, this well traveled musicologist serves up a personal vision that adults in need of some trance will find quite enveloping. Crazy but well plotted out and sure to take you someplace you've never been before.

JON LUNDBOM & Big Five Chord/Quavers! Quavers! Quavers! Quavers!: The sound of guys with chops losing their minds. Mixing atonal classical with Led Zep moves, these jazzbos come in with marching band music from hell that the offspring of any Residents fan will delight in playing around the dorm. Somehow, I can see Willie Dixon's grand children bringing the plagiarism suit any day now.

JARED GOLD/All Wrapped Up: Wide ranging organ date that is all original but sounds like any number of Miles/Prestige era dates. Kicking it off like it's a classic inspired outing, the moves move all over the board from mainstream to uber progressive and you can be sure Gold is moving the organ forward throughout---and beyond. Aggressive and upbeat, this is the sound of what it is to be a contemporary jazzbo right now. Well done.

CHRIS BERGSON BAND/Imitate the Sun: New York white boy with a case of the blues that has built an impressive under the radar/industrial resume allowing him the freedom to explore any damn thing he pleases. Blues in the vein of what the Band would do with them which is fitting since his stint at the Midnight Ramble opened the door for him really kicking it with real bluesbos. The guitar picking is right in the pocket and the band knows the right moves. Fun stuff for contemporary blues fans that don't like the apple to fall too far from the tree.

Volume 34/Number 145
March 26, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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