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TED RUSSELL KAMP/Get Back to the Land: Shooter Jennings side kick and one man band in his own right, the torches continue to get passed as singer/songwriter moves on, the Gurf Morlix vibe moves on and everything roots etc moves on. New/next generation of all of the above, this all around cat knows how to deliver the Americana kick in just the right way. A shining example of Americana/pop, Kamp is going to be setting the margins of his own genre in due course with energy like this still in full force 7 albums out. Well done.

BRIAN LYNCH/Unsung Heroes: When an artist uses his own platform to do a personal passion project, you hope you can do more than pat him on the head and offer some mashed potatoes. Lynch will be eating steak. Rather than focus on those we all know and love, he focuses here on trumpet players he knows and loves and wants to spread the word. Playing with the clarity and fire that comes from wanting to leave your own stamp on something with personal value, Lynch crafts up a smoking set to showcase the works of mainstream trumpet players whose names we've all seen but might not know more than a lick about unless we are real hard core. It's a jumping, smoking set that has a old time jam session vibe that should see them having their reputations favorable expanded via Lynch. Solid stuff.

SHANE ENDSLEY/Then the Other: The trumpeter and his crew get into some lyrical improv in an acoustic format that gives this a real 60s club jazz feel. More about telepathy than second guessing, the crew is in synch playing with a synchronicity that makes the moves from A to B to C quite seamless. Tasty stuff that works well.

T.K. BLUE/Latin Bird: A sax man that knows job stability (he's been with Randy Weston for over 30 years), jumps in to his 9th album as a leader with a program of Latinized Charlie Parker. He knows what he's doing, the sounds are ripe for the transposing and it works all the way around. With a bunch of jazzbos that know how to follow his lead in tow, Blue brings the Afro-Cuban vibe making Bird his most Nuyorican ever. A caliente outing that never needs a warm up, this is an almost retro cool session, but it's in the moment. A good time will be had by all.

CAPTAIN BLACK BIG BAND: Live outing recorded across several sessions by Orrin Evans crew of NYC/Philly hitters that love to get together and jam. Equal parts cutting session, celebration and party, you can easily feel the excitement the audiences felt when the vibes were allowed to flow unchecked. If you love chops, if you love playing, it's all here and ready to be enjoyed. High octane, fun stuff that makes you forget a lot of your troubles as the music rolls on like a tsunami.

ALEX PINTO QUARTET/Inner State: A very angular jazz guitarist that is looking to jump right in and make his mark. Coming from a different perspective, he brings the history and future of progressive jazz guitar and jazz composition under one penumbra to come up with next wave sitting down jazz for next generation ears prowling the progressive tip. A very individualistic player, this is the time for the real fans to get on board.

GEORGE JONES/Radio Lover 1980-89 a Critical Anthology: The 80s might have been the tail end of Jones glory days but amid it all, he still found the time to knock out 25 gems to be rounded up for this collection as well as deliver some chart toppers even has radio was shunning everyone over 35. Wouldn't you really rather have Jones songs that sound like they should come with a six pack and a hand gun than the sippy cup crap that comes out today? Some of the last prime, vestiges white man blues, Jones still knew how to toe the mark when he had to. Pure country that still stands tall today. Always well done.

NATIVE SOUL/Sol Step: Four New York jazzbos that have played with everyone fast forward Spyro Gyra's vibes 35 years ahead and give a taste of what they might have sounded like if they formed now instead of then. Nice, easy jazz that you don't have to wear sunglasses at night to enjoy, a little fusion, a little world a little this and that and it all adds up to the real deal. Fun stuff for easy living.

Volume 34/Number 133
March 14, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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