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The REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET/Montreal Parade: Two suite length free jazz excursions. Skronkaroonie all the way.

ALEXIS CUADRADO/Noneto Iberico: Transplanted downtown bass cat gets a Duke grant to explore the folk music of his homeland in anyway he sees fit. With a run up that you have to give more than 30 seconds to, Cuadrado sets the stage for him and his pals to take off on a Paul Winter kind of world tour that's sure to hook the next generation on the glories of world beat. A guy that really knows his stuff, this might be some of the best Spanish flavored jazz since Miles Davis took a crack at it.

TARUN NAYAR/22 Degrees of Beatitude: Dehli 2 Dublin has become a big enough machine that the dj now has split off to do sonic explorations that don't fit the format of the group. Opium den music for the Star Wars Cantina, this starts off innocently enough sounding like some Bollywood goes west sounds, but then from there it turns into getting lost in the souks at it's finest, without the shadowy guy lurking around the next turn to rip you off. It ain't your pop's world beat but it certainly will be yours. Well done.

DISNEY JAZZ V. 1-Everybody Wants to be a Cat/various: They're all here, from Dave Brubeck to Nikki Yanofsky and almost everyone in between, including recent Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding, every jazzbo you can think of coming around to celebrate Disney's jazz legacy. While MGM and Warners could make everything sound like cartoon music, this crew plays it straight, so to speak, and let's the jazz in the Disney music shine. Everything is well planned and plotted but the music in the grooves is in the groove and sounds fresh no matter what. Fun stuff all the way that never hit's a clam.

DEATH VALLEY HIGH/Doom, In Full Bloom: The new sound of the down market suburbs that are springing up across the land of no hope. Doom metal leading the charge to nowhere in a place that offers little way out. Parents, this is the new sound of raging hormones in your basement. Youth is pissed.

SARA BANLEIGH/The Folk Ep: Oh, quit trying to hunt down those old Anne Briggs and Kathy and Carol lps. Banleigh is right from the Jacqui McShee/Maddy Prior lineage of olde folke singing and she digs in the dark side song bag, the one loaded with cruel sisters, leather winged bats and evil mothers. Pass it off as a great lost Elektra 50s session if you wish, this is simply classic folkie stuff done right.

WISER TIME/Beggars & Thieves: The road warrior side of roots music finds Time and his crew amping it up mixing in a bunch of back porch sounds in a way that makes them their own new stew. What he's really doing is cornering the market on beer blast music fomenting the future sound of frat parties that want to kick it old school without electronica.

ANA MOURA/Coliseu: Oh, yeah, two of those you should have been there nights in which Moura debuting at two major arena in Portugal cemented her reputation as one of the great singers of modern times, even if you don't know what she's singing about. Making herself the primo fado singer with expression and chops, this is the kind of up market recording that makes it understood you have taste and smarts. Recorded three years ago, it just shows that on the ball is on the ball as there's no dust on it. A winner throughout.

Volume 34/Number 126
March 7, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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