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HOWARD GLAZER & The el 34S/Wired for Sound: Electric blues for your trip to the moon as this Detroit blues rocker adheres to no standards and can get Honeyboy Edwards and John Sinclair to show up on the same record. If you always wished Lou Reed had cut "Metal Machine Music" blues, this might well be the set you have been looking for. He's a wild man and the music fit's the personality.
1013 (Lazy Brothers)

STEVIE J/Diversity Project: Double cd that shows the artist in two settings, kicking it out on the Blues Cruise and later in the studio with basically the same crew. Coming across like very much the traditionalist, this Jackson MS pastor's kid has had a long exposure to heaven and hell teaching him how to mix the two. A Malaco veteran player, he knows what southern soul is all about and he has enough to go around. Fun stuff delivered right down the middle, no matter whos songs hes covering

KEVIN SELFE & the Tornadoes/Playing the Game: .The kid is a classic. A guitar slinger that has the classic blues moves in his DNA, he's pure west side Chicago no matter where he's from. This is the kind of stuff that makes purists kvell but doesn't alienate new comers by sounding dated. Simply a blues set with everything on the ball, this is the kind of cat that wins all the awards there are and runs out of places to put them. Hot stuff.

BLUES DRAGON: Straight up traditional electric blues from south Florida that could have comes from any of the blues capitals of America. Not for frat boys only, this is a crew that knows what it is to be a show band in the chitlin circuit tradition. Smoking stuff that kicks it mightily and never fails to deliver the goods in grand style. A crew not to be missed.

FRONT STREET BLUES BAND/Blues Promised Land: A bunch of white Detroit boys got tired of playing "Free Bird" in cover bar bands and dived into the jump blues tradition with wonderful results. Young enough that they can claim Brian Setzer, Chris Thomas and others of that lineage as influences, they still know how to keep it authentic and steam up the windows. A delightfully wild ride that knows how to get the party started and keep it going. Check it out.

SWEET CLAUDETTE/That Man's Got to Go: Detroit's matriarch of the blues, she knows what it is to hold an audience in the palm of her hand and here she adds some extra squeeze so the word winds up spreading beyond Detroit. A singer than knows how important it is to deliver a show when people want a show, this is a smoking set that recalls free flowing whiskey, blue lights and gold teeth. No nasty stereotypes intended but this is a road map back to another time and place, long before Mapquest was invented. Well done.

Volume 34/Number 86
January 26, 2011
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

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