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FOLDING MR. LINCOLN/Live: San Diego folkies score well with their second album, recorded live at some friendly local confines where everyone is having a good time with the kind of back porch music they enjoyed when this crew first started tearing up in the early 70s. They know their stuff and how to sell it and contemporary folkies will be glad to hear their long overdue debut was no fluke. Solid.

FOLDING MR. LINCOLN/Within My Reach: It might have taken 35 years for this crew to finally put their debut out there but the wait must have been worth it as the locals in San Diego put this right up there as an Americana album worth wider recognition. A husband/wife led crew that hits you as a left coast Millers or Kennedys, this music is the tonic bummed yuppies need to kick back with to let the blues wash away and out of reality for a little while. Hey, Gidwell, I think these cats have their 10,000 hours under their belts.

THE NEW KINGSTON TRIO/Best of 1968-72: Actually, this group needs one of those English music family charts. The third incarnation of the group sees their canon come back into print after 15 years with the crates being emptied out to put all the tracks in one place. An amped up version of the set from 15 years ago that finally escaped from the vaults after almost 30 years, this set is clearly Bob Shane getting itchy to get back to work after the ‘original' group broke up, but the two new sidekicks are too in awe of the legend at the center of things that the ‘old' vibe can't be recreated. However, that doesn't mean Shane has problem with being the center of attention and carrying the ball for the score. Pretty much your first taste of Kinky Friedman, Dick Feller and songs one of group members would later hand off to John Denver for a big paycheck, it's not the Guard Trio, it's not the Stewart Trio, but it certainly shows that if the dice rolled differently, there would have been quite a hot Shane Trio. Well done and probably older than most of you reading this.

RICH DEL GROSSO-JONN DEL TORO RICHARDSON/Time Slips By: Way different kind of set that's certain to grab you by the ear and not let go. Take some stripped down ZZ Top, add resonator mandolin, tear the roof off the sucker and forget about adding water or passing go and collecting $200. An amped up take on the lonesome, Texas acoustic blues sound that always hits some primal chord, this is for the roadhouse on the moon where the party never ends. First class chuggling boogie like you haven't heard in some time, this is the blues/rock/roots stuff your pop is talking about when he tells you the stuff you listen to sucks. Check it out, it's a wild ride. Call shotgun now. Psst, don't look now but our old fave, Fiona Boys is in the mix too.

PASCALITO/Neostalgia: You can bet your booty nobody is really going to know what to do with this genre blender international popper that starts with melting pot fusion and goes from there. And, if you watch "Burn Notice" you've already been enjoying his work, probably without even knowing it. Perhaps best thought of as a late period Leonard Cohen for a new generation, Pascalito might be an acquired taste if he didn't come at you from so many different directions all at once grabbing you with something or another. Very much in the pocket for urbane tastes, this is a mix of Now Sound and back alley sophistication that just might define where the next bunch of hipsters is coming from. Check it out when your needle is set for audio adventure.

DON HUTSON & GEORGE LUCAS/One Minute Negotiator: Can there really be simple steps to better agreements and more success with less stress when most deals these days get whisked off the table with a "Yeah, well then screw you too" in less time than it takes to say it? The take away here is to be flexible, get the stick out of your bum and don't worry about pleasing everyone, just worry about making your numbers and pleasing the boss. Sometimes you just have to cut bait. Leave the pennies to take the dollars. Pip, pip, stiff upper lip and all.
Unabridged (Sound Ideas)

BARRY SCHWARTZ AND KENNETH SHARPE/Practical Wisdom: Aside from the author's use of the title as a branding platform to line extend other self help volumes, their premise that that you have to combine thinking outside the box with finding ways to round off the edges without cutting corners. Basically taking win/win to the next level of the game, they try to show you new ways of looking at things to push the envelope without tearing it.
Unabridged (Sound Ideas)

Volume 34/Number 66
January 6, 2011
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