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KEN ELKINSON/Music for Commuting V. 1-6: It's not always easy to tell when Elkinson is being tongue in cheek but one thing you can be certain about is that he's serious enough about his ambient music that he gives the proper pros to Eno. And hey, while you think that's funny, Mr. My Mortgage is in Foreclosure, Eno did get $5 million for the Microsoft Wave---and probably a few bucks hanging around with U2 and Bowie so hammer that out with your street team. Elkinson stays true to the genre, he doesn't care if you listen to this box set all in one sitting and he does deliver a program that's really been thought out. There you have it avant-gardists, the next sonic cloud for you to sink into has arrived.

A HAWK AND A HACKSAW/Cervantine: Once upon a time, if Pitchfork paid attention to world beat, it meant they were cocking an ear toward Celtic or African and paying it lip service. They have cocked an ear in the direction of this brass crew that gets the party started in Yugoslavia and we must say that you shouldn't let Pitchfork's uber hipster vibe scare you off this set. Highly indigenous in it's production, that doesn't stop the octane from flowing. They have a world beat sense all their own as this gets more and more pan cultural the deeper you dig into it. For anyone that has a problem with passing through TSA scanners, this set could be the next best thing to staying in some crummy Eastern European hotel and checking it all out for yourself.

RIPPINGTONS/Cote D'Azur: Unable to snag a date with Princess Stephanie, Rips leader, Russ Freeman sated his urges with an appreciation of the rest of the French Riviera and this is the musical outpouring of that pent up desire. Solid, commercial world beat/jazz that has the rush hour, bizjazz stamp on it for stressed out yupsters that have been with this crew from the beginning. Moving in broad strokes and big sweeps, this is an energetic set that finds the vet and his pals brushing up against new musical frontiers in fine style.

MdK/It's Never Over: There's a lot more to teen pop than Bieber, Disney and Glee, but it takes money to make it sound like Bieber, Disney or Glee. This bunch of power pop teens don't let small budgets sink their exuberance and sound like DIY power poppers of the past that faced the same uphill battle. Wild and raw enough to be the new face of alt for the high school set.

SLAINE/A World With No Skies: Best hard core rap album since the few moments when Geto Boys were burning the brightest. Drop dead killer street stuff that is so kick ass from start to finish it sucks to waste time talking about it when we can all spend that time getting down to it. Killer shit!!!!!

LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS-The Owls of Ga'Hoole: I think I cracked the Warner code. If the pic kind of blows but they have a lot invested in it, you get a cool lenticular cover on the dvd. If the pic can stand on it's own, you get a nice foil cover but it ain't a lenticular. These owls that save the world get a foil cover. Capiche? A 3D animation with sci-fi overtones, this telling of the famous kid's book really pops in ways you never expected when you were digging "Lion King", especially in blu ray. A sweeping tale that'll pull in kids of all ages, this is a fine family time entertainment that doesn't make words like ‘quality time' ring hollow. Now if we could just get a crime pic that pops like this.....fugetaboudit!

THE TOWN: Ben Affleck rounds up all his other Oscar wining pals so they can hang together and make their ‘one for me' pic while they hang together. A telling of a bank robber that wants out of the life, this blows the old notion of the vanity pic out of the water as this team shows up to work. Affleck wears several different hats as he guides his baby through production and the cat just crackles through this shoot em up, high action crime pic. Not a busman's holiday at all, this baby has what it takes to hold you over until some studio writes a check to Scorsese and DeNiro again.

Volume 34/Number 51
December 21, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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