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TOOTS THIELEMANS/European Quartet Live: Another of the new wave of non essential records by the true masters that's loaded with nothing but great playing for the sheer joy of it. Backed by a bunch of jazzbos that play like rockers, when Thielemans wants to lay out, they pick up the ball and run with it so seamlessly that you stay enchanted. The set card doesn't stray far from the tried and true, but the chops are what you come for---and they are on display!! Simply a busman's holiday of great playing from another one of the unknockables.

DAVID LIEBMAN TRIO/Lieb Plays the Blues A La Coltrane: For some reason, the well seasoned Liebman seems to be the Miles sideman that gets the least amount of respect. You want proof? He's released a ton of new albums over the last year and when you rip them to your hard drive, not one of them has the track info downloaded from Microsoft's FAI thingie. Why is that? The trio sounds a little claustrophobic here giving these Coltrane work outs a real loft jazz feel. Glad to see Lieb is getting the love from the NEA in January. Maybe we can start getting download info for this string of fine albums he's been making in the meanwhile. Hipster jazzbos, check this out.

LOUIS C.K./Hilarious: The politically incorrect, put upon everyman dishes it up right out of the gate talking about the permanence of death. This is the jokes, folks. Uncensored, this roll off album from his comedy special that will air in January, Louis shows why he racks up the awards and accolades with ease. Hilarious is a great title for this comedy set that you'll find has much more repeatability that the usual comedy record. Hot stuff.

MARSHALL LAWRENCE/Blues Intervention: This cat has been around in several musical skins for a long time but these days he comes to you as the cat that played the folk bar every Tuesday and Wednesday forever. He wasn't there looking for a hit, he knew his way around a resonator guitar and could deliver the folk/blues as well as any other white boy. And you went to see him on a regular basis before must see TV and mortgage crisis's and whatever. But he's still playing it the same way. A staunch member of a genre we should name "Steve Goodman Music", Lawrence is on the money with a set that will always be good company in the car. He has a dandy way of taking you someplace out of the mainstream without being precious.

CHRIS CROCCO FLUID TRIO +: This jazz guitar man loves that after hours, hipster vibe and here he throws a mixture of speeding it up and slowing it down at you with break neck alacrity, chops from all on board freely flowing in the breeze. Everyone here is a pro that isn't capable of a false step and the ones that are sidemen really play with the joy of blowing off pent up steam that can't get released in their ‘day jobs'. This is just what the real jazzbo hipster has been asking for.

LUNATIC SOUL/II: The follow up to the album about the music of ‘the other side", this isn't music that brings you back to life, this is the sound of how it sounds after you've accepted where you are---dead. More "Twilight Zone" lite than the sound of post doom, this is an ambient collection for those whose heads tilt naturally to the dark side. Oddly, it sounds a lot like the music Eno composed for a United Airlines terminal that had a lot of people complaining that it sounded too terminal.

CHANDRIKA KRISHMAMURTHY TANDON/Om Namo Narayanya: An album of girl friend music that is nominated for a world music Grammy against some august, mainstream talents that all should be considered to win it in a walk. Not bad. Your girl friend loves to chant and this set is based on 8 syllables that protect the body with a coating of armor. Hopefully this music doesn't prove to be the cock block of all time. Sounding like a full on Bollywood soundtrack once the intro stuff gets out of the way, you could easily see this turning up on the Indian video channels at the upper end of the cable box. Believe it fellas, there a lot worse girl friend music you could have blasting around the house. At least this conjures up visions of belly dancers along the way.

TELEPATH/Crush: There hasn't been such cool genre buster music since some of the great trust fund babies of a generation ago thought they could be rock stars working the outer tip. A real genre buster of a mixmaster date of world pop that was conceived by living on the Net, there's nothing here you can point to and call something specific. College kids will know what to do with it. Nutty stuff that probably does have the kitchen sink somewhere in the mix, this is for the left leaning mainstreamer that wants to blow off some steam and let the wiggy good times roll.

Volume 34/Number 50
December 20, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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