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GRIFFITH/STEVENS QUARTET/Only Love: Massively left leaning jazz vocal date that trades on the Euro sensibility of the guests that round out the quartet. This is pretty much the sound of adult malcontents that like to mix in a little offbeat with their morning coffee.

COREA CLARKE & WHITE/Forever: Can you imagine how this twofer came together? Right after the Return to Forever reunion tour in 2009, Clive Davis approached these three about doing a duet album with Santana. They didn't tell DiMeola about the meeting but he stumbled upon it by accident. Chagrined, the three started going ‘nyah nyah nyah, nobody likes you'. Well, the Santana thing fell through and the three remaining members decided to do another tour anyway. And tour they did. One disc highlights the tour and the other highlights a special night with special guests that kicked off the tour. Like recent vintage Willie Nelson albums that aren't essential and aren't groundbreaking, this set is loaded with killer playing that's on display for the sheer joy of playing. Whether doing acoustic takes on standards, band classics or new music, this is a super treat to play. These pros know their stuff and we get all the benefits that flow from it. Top shelf throughout.

DUANE EDDY/the Birth of a Guitar Legend-The Jamie Singles Sessions 1957-62: Before mp3 players, these by the pound collections were a blessing and a curse, Geeks of course loved getting every last scrap of recorded tape. Newbies and tourists found it maddening to get three takes in a row of the same song with just minor changes. Well kids, there's no denying there's a million dollars worth of twang on board here. 3 discs, 3 hours and the birth of modern rock guitar. This is a wild ride, detours and side tracks included.

EASTERN BOUNDARY QUARTET/Icicles: A tasty bit of the old east meets west jazz fusioning as this cross continental crew keeps it on the progressive tip. Lots of nice playing if you like a path that leans gently to the left.

DAN BLOCK/Plays the Music of Duke Ellington: A reed player with a resume to choke a horse, Block is up to the challenge of bringing something new to Ellington's works in a welcome way that makes this more than just hitting the right notes in the right order. Wisely digging beneath the usual Ellington surface, Block turns in a killer program the really opens the ears and leaves them wanting more. Check it out.

MATT PANAYIDES/Tapestries of Song: Jumping new jazz guitarist that comes from the flashy school of kicking it out. A real high octane cat as both a player and writer, Panayides entertains and impresses in equal measure. A major new talent for new times. Check it out.

INCEPTION: And here we have a great case of progressive movie makers making movies for new media. Using blu ray to exploit movie within movie capabilities, this pic about dream stealers is a real rollicker. A psychothriller, the kind that gets a little scarier because it seems like it could happen, this will be a welcome addition to the home theater collection. Wild stuff that contemporary film fans will get into at a lot of levels. Blu ray also comes with DVD and digital copy.

GOING THE DISTANCE: Contemporary chick pic romcom that is well made and goes the distance as movie/movie with a story, conflict, conflict resolution and all the stuff that makes a movie that doesn't have to rely on special effects. There are chick pics beside SITC you know. Nicely done and quite enjoyable. The blu ray also comes with a dvd and digital copy.

Volume 34/Number 28
November 28, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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