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JASON ROBINSON/Cerberus Reigning: Sax and electronics give Robinson the chance to go totally solo with his experimental visions of music future. Highly left leaning, almost contemporary classical set that is loaded with head trips you have to be really open minded and progressive to get. Pretty wild throughout.

MAC/Straight Ahead: First call brass ace that has played everything with everyone comes back to his own solo career in the company of a bunch of first call cats that are kicking off this welcome return with some classic stripper music. Where ever his career has taken him, he's a jazzbo to the core and kicks it out here in fine style throughout. A real solid set by a real solid player for jazzbos that are looking for a meaty, new date that simply knows how to deliver. Hot.

JASON ROBINSON-ANTHONY DAVIS/Cerulean Landscape: Impressionistic sax/piano duo date for the left leaning tastes that go for the artsy stuff that serves as make-you-think background music.

JASON ROBINSON/Two Faces of Janus: The third of Jason Robinson's simultaneous releases finds him taking it back to New York from Cali for a wild set of loft/civil rights jazz that really enjoys it's freedom. A wild ride that careens through a lot of high octane playing, Robinson and his crew know how to make a big noise. Left leaning but accessible to those willing to go far out but not too far out.

BOB GLUCK/Something Quiet: Perhaps a progressive jazzbo's take on meditative new age music, Gluck genre bends along the Paul Winter tip with this new trio setting. Very left leaning stuff for outsider jazzbos that appreciate the use of white space along the way.

HUGH BLUMENFELD/Dad: One of the top underground folkies of the last generation returns to music after completing his MD degree and he seems to be even more in touch with his humanity with this unlikely ode to being a parent and celebrating his off spring. Even if there was still hits radio, this isn't the kind of stuff that would land on it but the songs are the kind that reside on personal hit parades for long stretches. A solid adult set that really goes above and beyond.

CATS & DOGS-the Revenge of Kitty Galore: Disney doesn't have a lock on the cute animal thing with their "Buddies" series, WB is doing all right with their cats and dogs as well. On this third outing, the cats and dogs have to get together to prevent a rogue cat from taking over the world. Cute family fun that appropriate for kids of all age. Also, it's like going to the movies in the old days as there's a Yogi Bear trailer, a Roadrunner cartoon and more extras rounding out a night a the movies experience. The blu ray really pops, and also included are a standard DVD and digital copy. Have a ball.

FLIPPED: If it wasn't Rob Reiner in the director's chair, this coming of age love story that traverses kiddie hood through young adult hood wouldn't have the charm and appeal it does. But it does. Fun for the whole family when the kids are a little older and asking questions you don't really want to answer, like when they first realize the opposite sex isn't full of cooties. Combo pack comes with standard dvd and digital copy.

Volume 34/Number 22
November 22, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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