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TREY GUNN/I'll Tell What I Saw: Time for Gunn to do a 20 year double disc look over his shoulder already? Guess so. Pulled from his solo recordings and collaborations, this is prog music distilled to it's core. Showing there's much more to him than his contributions to Crimson and his pioneering work on touch guitar, this is a wonderfully fatly tracked and stacked collection of head music for all the different spaces your head occupies, as long as you keep it progressive. Always a purveyor of a wild stuff, this set proves it without a doubt. And there's still more in him, this is just a stopping point.

INNA ZHELANNAYA/Cocoon: Russia's first world music star finally gets her first American release with this set of traditional Russian folk songs that aren't left to linger in the dust as Trey Gunn is near by to add his two cents electronically. Fans of outsider voice and chant music are invited to check this out. Beyond that, it has a strong college malcontent edge that can clear a room of non believers post haste.

ADIA LEDBETTER/Take 2-Rendevous With Yesterday: Swinging, hip chick that takes jazz vocal to church with some civil rights jazz accents running as an under current. Soulful and loaded with personality, she's young enough that she can only visit the supper clubs of the past in her mind, but she certainly would have lit up the night in those boites. Nicely riding a retro/neuvo tip, Ledbetter is on the right track and has a load of solid entertainment for jazz vocal fans that like it with some zest and swing.

NELSON RIVEROS/Camino Al Barrio: You know what's cool? When the pull quotes in your promo pack are from other, respected musos instead of writers no one has heard of. Riveros brings the Latin edge to his upbeat, tasty fusion guitar work on his impressive debut. He's learned his lessons well, surrounds himself with the best players around and shows he has the DIY spark that could teach indie rockers a thing or two. On the money throughout, this is a real taste treat for contemporary jazzbos.

TOM PRINCIPATO/A Part of Me: Styles may come and go but Principato has been the lynch pin of the DC music scene for over 30 years and now he comes along with a new kick ass guitar slinger set that has all his first call pals on board for an unbridled hot time in the old time tonight. Roots music from the next dimension, this gang is here to rock it out in an organic, electrically charged fashion. A chops powered session, this is the real deal offering up classic styled rock with an ear toward the future. Certainly not a fashion statement, this is purely a can of whoop ass, sealed under pressure. Check it out.
THE ROUNDER RECORDS STORY/various: Once upon a time, a bunch of malcontent hippies, who are now all on Medicare, started a record label to record down home music and didn't care if they only sold 300 copies of a release and would keep it in print no matter what. Then they celebrated their 25th anniversary in 1995 with a bunch of genre box sets commemorating their legacy. Now at 40, they come with a 4 cd box set that was a show piece for the ultimate sale of the label. It's loaded with fun stuff you probably haven't heard in decades, or ever, and will bring a tear to your parent's eyes as they think back to college times when back porch music was cool for a spell. They've done so much and covered so much ground that all you can say is that this is fucking cool. And who'd have ever thought they'd heard Robert Plant cover side one, track five?

DELTA FLYERS/Sixteen Bars: Texas by way of all the blues rock hot spots between here and there, this AARP member still wants to rock and shows how to do it since coming back to music after taking a lifetime off to have a real life. Made for musical pleasure as opposed to checking his Amazon position every updated hour, this is stuff your dad listened to back in college when blowing off steam at the roadhouse at the edge of the college town in the sticks. All the right moves are in all the right places without sounding canned, this is killer beer and bbq party music. Drop your faux cool and let the good times roll with this at the wheel.

SONDHEIM! The Birthday Concert: One of the treats of summer in Chicago the last few years has been Ravinia's on going tribute to Sondheim leading up to his 80th birthday. PBS had to out do them with this 80th birthday tribute that rounds up all the leading, contemporary Sondheim voices into a full on first class gala that will still leave fans bitching about what was left out. Trust me, there's nothing here to bitch about. Judging how the audience was getting younger at the on going Ravinia's concerts, one can figure the popularity of "Glee" had something to do with the rediscovery of the king of contemporary Broadway by the younger set. To have such an august body of work where the ultimate showstoppers are left out and it's still a bounty of riches is tribute in itself. A monumental work to the glory of modern and contemporary Broadway with the master himself at the center. Well done.

Volume 34/Number 18
November 18, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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