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MAYA MAGUB-JUDITH BUSBRIDGE/Duos for Violin & Viola by Mozart & Michael Haydn: Thoroughly lovely performance of duo works where Mozart and Michael Haydn shadowed each other, helping to finish the works. Years later, this pair comes in with a beautiful recital of these collected works, charming in their deceptive simplicity. This is the kind of collection that just hollers 'easy Sunday afternoon' at you and hopes you take the message. A must for fans of wonderful playing and writing.

VALERY GERGIEV/Ravel-Daphnis et Chloe; Bolero; Pavane: The London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus do the right thing by these well known and well loved key pieces by Ravel. An emotion packed recording that finds this full bodied work in great hands, this is the four on the floor kind of recording that orchestra fans have to look a little harder to find these days. Top notch all they way, a great introduction or re-introduction to some warhorse works that don't wear out their welcome.

MIKE DOOLEY/Manifesting change-It Couldn't Be Easier: When the economy is bad, country music and positive thinking stuff sells well. New York Times best selling author brings science to magical thinking and tells you why you are doing stupid things and how to use science to quit being a screw up--sort of. One of the members of "The Secret" gang, Dooley moves his e-mail carpet bombs to the audio page and let's you in on how he moved from being a boring accountant to a card carrying member of the universe. If you don't like where you're at, you might want to follow in his footsteps and see what happens.

DR. & MASTER ZHI GANG SHA/Tao II: Positive thought is one thing but ancient Chinese secrets is quite another. Sha takes it right from the source with internal wisdom going back centuries. There's so much going on here that these cds are formatted as mp3s to fit 17 hours on 2 discs. In as much as "The Art of War" was the favored ancient Chinese secret of a generation ago, things have changed and people are doing what ever it takes to stay even these days. The focus on this second volume in the series is on healing, rejuvenation, longevity and immortality. We'd be happy with just getting the first two under our belts. This is a good road to follow to find soul power.

PORTIA DE ROSSI/Unbearable Lightness: Did you know there's a whole lot of people that are getting tired of privileged white women that have nothing to do but bitch about their circumstances? Here's 8 more unabridged discs that cover the subject in painful detail.

JOEL OSTEEN/Christmas Spirit: Osteen delivers his message about the importance of family at the holidays. A Houston, religious version of Garrison Keillor, if you're an avid member of his telechurch, this is a nice way to bring him a little more into the home.

DALAI LAMA (read by Linda Emond and Dion Graham/Essence of Happiness: Here's a cat that's tasted good and bad and yet he keeps the faith enough to come with a second tome on the elusive subject of happiness. Most people want to hear this wisdom but they really aren't ready to receive the message---quite a conundrum. Don't be afraid to stick your toe in the river, grasshopper, the longest journey begins wit the first step and this is the most real deal you will find.

STEPHEN KING (read by Jessica Hecht & Craig Wasson)/Full Dark: The Kingster is back in scary short story mode as he comes with a load of terror and mystery in it's various stripes in this collection of stories. Writing with even more of a cinematic flair than before, audio is a great medium for his short stories. For pure entertainment that'll keep you on edge, this is the stuff that can't be beat. Hot stuff.

BRAD THOR (read by Elizabeth Marvel)/Athena Project: Thor brings adventure to the babes as the fox four force takes on the terrorists while finding out a little too late that their own government has hung them out to dry. A unabridged 8 disc telling, Thor shows off his best selling chops as he genre busts within the genre letting these babes run wild in a cross section of comic book/action hero pic action. Geo-political thriller fans will be sure to eat this with a spoon.

Volume 34/Number 16
November 16, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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