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JAMES OWEN (read by James Langton)/Dragon's Apprentice (Book Five): The Goth stuff is starting younger and younger and I'll bet most parents don't even know what their kids are up to as long as they get good grades. Here we find the kids in the Imaginarium Geographica being charged with keeping history from unraveling, and , well, you know... Sheesh, today's fairy tales are a lot scarier than some witch in the woods making you fat and eating you. Once more, the kids have a portal to the dark side in which they can go to places you've only seen in dreams. Wild stuff that'll keep the kids up after they stay up to follow the trail of the tale.

SUSAN BOYLE (read by Elaine Smith)/The Woman I was Born to Be: Nine million quick record sales later, the contemporary queen of lovable losers that rise to the top tells her tale so the rest of her spiritual sisters can have some inspiration and hear about something other than weight loss. Check it out if you are one of her fans and before you know it, her Christmas record will be out.

GLENN BECK (read by Brian Sack)/Broke: There's always a choice. Which angry, white man to you prefer? Now that Michael Savage has used his platform to quickly sell the hell out of his book, his rival, Glenn Beck steps up with his version of how this country is screwed since it's bankrupt on every level. Vanilla or chocolate, the choice is yours, everything seem s to be devolving to flavor of the month and this month is Beck's.

DR. ZHI GANG SHA/Divine Transformation: If you aren't into touchy feely stuff, the coolest thing about this disc is Simon & Schuster recognizing the realities of the future. It's over 9 hours of talk reduced to one disc that they expect you to put on your computer and rip to mp3. Maybe this will get them on the stick to add chapter info to the thing that let's you download all that info to your windows media player. If you are into the touchy feely thing, Sha is here to clear your chakras and get you back on the right path. It might just be common sense delivered in hoi son sauce but by now you've probably recognized how uncommon common sense is these days.

APOLO OHNO/Zero Regrets: Motivational stuff from another perspective. Here we have an Olympic champ, raised by a single dad, giving you his philosophies on how you can be greater than yesterday and to give it all you got. Of course, the first step is getting off the couch. Here we find punk rock energy in a new wrapper.

SCORE: In which we find porn/erotica at an interesting crossroads. Hi def is making in roads into the area and while these older pics look great in eye popping hi def, what was radical 40 years ago isn't so radical today. While the new stuff should be making the most of this tech wave, the content is so grind house that the tech upgrade doesn't make it much more than undistinguishable. So, what we can do is enjoy the eye popping remaster of this x rated version of "Bob and Carol and Virginia Woolf". With some extended footage making this a directors cut, youngsters might not find it as radical as their parents did, but they might find it a handy instruction manual about how to put what where when dealing with exponents.

NIKKATSU ROMAN PORNO TRAILER COLLECTION: Yes, a vid studio repacks it's trailers into a greatest hits collection. Hey, you only want the good stuff anyway. For 16 years, Nikkatsu was Japan's virtual equivalent of Vivid and they turned out the titles with some serious velocity to meet the marketplace in a country where porn is illegal (which, kiddies, is the real reason why Japan invented home video). The trailer collection is rounded out with a 30 minute feature to whet you whistle for the reissue onslaught that's waiting in the wings. BTW, if you are an amine geek, this might be the next step for you to check out--real women with real girl parts. You might even see the real thing one day. But it'll cost you

SEX AND THE CITY 2: Hey, Hollywood can't be all action movies. Purely one for girls night out because Hollywood has successfully created 4 middle aged pains in the ass that no thickness of beer goggles could make appealing. This is so sugary and frothy that you can get cellulite just watching it. Nuff said. It's for the ladies in case you didn't get it. The blu ray comes with a standard DVD and a digital copy.

Volume 33/Number 353
October 21, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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