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YEAHWON SHIN: Korean former child prodigy leaves the session world of Korea behind to relocate to New York and learn to sing Brazilian songs in Portuguese. If you try to make sense of any of that, just give up and put this vocal delight on. Backed by a crew of jazz hitters that recognize the real deal, Shin is like an Astrid Gilberto that doesn't need studio frippery to make the whole thing work. Everybody thinks they can do Brazilian music, and a lot of wannabes do some really credible jobs, but this is as much in the Brazilian pocket as Wanda de Suh or Maria Bethania. You want it served right? Check this out. Simply smoking.

ANDY FARBER & His Orchestra/This Could be the Start of Something Big: Here's a swinging sax man that knows big band music should be about fun and good vibes for all and delivers the goods where coming up with tasty originals that are right in the pocket or classic cuts that flow right into this river so seamlessly are the order of the day. Farber and his pals could be caught up in the housing mess but you wouldn't know it from their playing as they left their troubles at the door (if they had any) and play up a storm that chases the clouds away. Loaded with classic big band moves and righteous chops, this is a grand set that works throughout.

BO BURNHAM/Words Words Words: Still a little shy of being able to drink legally, this comic proves all the gloom and doom mongers wrong since he's already had a number one comedy record under his belt and is the youngest member of the Comedy Central stable which gives him a leg up in relating to the Internet fan base that he's done a killer job of tapping. A multi media comic, this set is an audio roll off of his new cable special and you don't have to be young to get a laugh from this although it might help you get the references. Not a belly laugh kind of comic, he's already become a master of situational humor that keeps the smirks coming non stop. Give the kid his props.

COPAL/Into the Shadow Garden: Call it genre splicing, call it a steam punk amalgam of a contemporary vibed take on Oregon's debut, this world wide world beat set just concerns itself with turning out compelling sounds above all else. With so many sounds and vibes thrown into the mixmaster, all to good effect, this is belly dance music for a Turkish strip club on Mars, and yet, it's not for weirdoes. Everybody on board here knows their stuff and the chops keep it all on an even keel. Just what you are looking for when you need a sonic travelogue to uncharted places.

KEVIN EUBANKS/Zen Food: The smart guitar man has come a long way since we first heard him in his smooth jazz GRP days. After a long period of unheard of stable Hollywood employment, Eubanks was in position to make the move back to independence and took it. While this record was woodshed while still on TV, it was certainly made with an eye and ear toward the future. After years of just letting his chops out in 30 second bursts, Eubanks is letting it fly once again. A tasty amalgam of smooth jazz, fusion, real jazz and more, this is guitar fans delight throughout. This is the sound of a cat enjoying that he can play like he doesn't have a care in the world. A winning set throughout.

LIFE BEGINS AT 8:30/World Premiere Recording: So, before there was "Wizard of Oz" more than half of it's crew convened with Ira Gershwin to create a hit musical that ran it's course in the mid 30s and proceeded to disappear for the next 75 years until staged by the Library of Congress with a grant from the Gershwin Trust. Gershwin, Arlen and Harburg writing ostensibly a back stage musical with a load of forward thinking ideas that would have made it the hit of last season if it was staged on Broadway and it's been laying forgotten? Saved by something even deeper than arts council money? Fueled by the talents of the PS vocal/Broadway stalwarts, this is a charming musical, but it isn't charming in in a docile sense. A wonderful set that sounds like it's been part of the Broadway canon all along.

ROBERT B. PARKER (read by Joe Mantegna)/Painted ladies: Ah, Spenser we hardly knew ye. The last Spenser paper to roll from Parker's typer just before he died with his ink on, Parker was writing in re-energized fashion (even though second gear Parker beats most other comers) for a crackling tale where it looks like this time, Spenser is the monkey in the middle. A right on coda for the fans, this just might be the last hurrah for great, contemporary ‘tec fiction..

JONAH HEX: Most people we know would see this just to see Megan Fox tied up. Another comic brought to the big screen, Hex is a bad ass bounty hunter who the man says he'll wipe out his bad record if he can bring an evil terrorist to heel. With the bad guy played in full bore by John Malkovich and Hex played by Josh Brolin, there's a right on good vs. evil morality play in play here. The blu ray comes with a standard dvd and digital copy but you really want to see Fox in blu ray. The O card ought to make that pretty clear.

Volume 33/Number 348
October 16, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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