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BERLIN VOICES/About Christmas: So far we've gotten cool new Christmas records from Take 6 and Matt Wilson. Now we can add this German jazz vocal crew to the list. Coming in with a set that doesn't step on the toes of the other two, this is a pure vocal set that is loaded with 50s style harmonies. Not in a pure retro fashion, this bunch just gets in the moment and lets the holiday fun fly with a set card that is right in the classic pocket. The economy might continue to be chilly but we are getting a lot of hot holiday music in our stocking.

JIENAT/Mira: This is a nutty record. Recorded in the Artic Circle by a bunch of indigenous musicians working it as high tech as possible, this sounds like some serious, deep local folk music that you just don't know what to make of but find yourself drawn to. Talk about really getting down with the sound, this is packaged with a blu ray disc that puts you right in the mix and in the middle of the party with these Vikings. Obviously world beat you never thought about, this is mind blower from start to finish.

KURT ROSENWINKEL & OJM/Our Secret World: In which we get to hear the guitar man in a new setting as some of his compositions get a big band treatment in Portugal with a crew that's he's been hitting some high water marks with for a while. Rosenwinkel's third outing for this label delivers solid sitting down jazz, big band style. A totally solid set for when you need some really solid listening.

RACHEL RENEE RUSSELL (read by Lana Quintal)/Dork Diaries (1. Tales From a Not So Fabulous Life) (2. Tales From a Not So Popular Party Girl): But the tweenies understand. Not every 9 to 13 year old girl is fabulous and this the set of stories for them as they deal with life changes, mean girls and all the other time bombs that parent and others just don't see. Tailor made for the little ‘misfit" in your life (certainly a statement about lopsided values), these two unabridged tomes will get you lots of points in their eyes for knowing which end is up.

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET: It's hard to believe the original came out long enough ago that it can count as nostalgia and be up for a remake. With new technology at the fore and the core, the nightmare continues for a new generation that might find the original quaint in this day and age. In a combo pack that includes bru ray, DVD and digital copy, this is some eye popping scary shit that will make your nightmares as vivid as possible until the 3D version comes around.

Volume 33/Number 336
October 4, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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