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BILL ZORN/The Bill Zorn Show: Back before Rounder declared itself just another record company, this would have been a prime Rounder artist/record. Having spend his adult, working life in the middle of the revival of the folk revival, it's amazing that he found enough material that didn't fit the format of the various groups he's worked with and managed to come up with a whole album of material on it's own. Sweet organic/folk record that will charm throughout, Zorn knows the moves and how to play them for the best advantage. A highly entertaining set that repeatedly hits it out of the park.
(Sunrise Music)

KINGSTON TRIO/Above the Purple Onion: There's nothing really relavatory in this collection of rehearsal demos that pre-saged the Trio first hitting the boards, but like other early snapshots from other artists, it's a dandy valentine for fans. Not originally recorded on studio equipment, the tapes have survived nicely and the camaraderie that powered the group comes shining through, even at this early stage.

KINGSTON TRIO/Glad Tidings from: Even though recorded last year with the latest edition of the Trio, this set, originally recorded for foreign distribution captures the essence of the Trio and sounds like a righteous companion to "Last Month of the Year", the holiday collection recorded a jillion years ago. Certainly a fine holiday visit from some "old" friends.

MIKE MAINIERI-MARNIX BUSTRA QUARTET/Trinary Motion-Live in Europe: After a triumphant debut release, the pair reunite for a rally across Europe in 2008 giving the continent a taste of what contemporary, cool jazz is all about. A daring double cd that is loaded with risk taking and daring-do, it's so easy to get lost in this set and stay put for the entire ride. The cool school is in session and it has some mighty professors heading up the master class. Sitting down jazz fans that like it with some bite will be amazed by all the stuff going on here. Check it out.

BENOIT DELBECQ/Circles and Calligrams: Even though it says solo on the cover, it's really a trio date. A highly progressive piano player that is a league leader in sitting down jazz with bite, you don't have to be an egghead to get the most out of this angular session that is loaded with tricks and curves as it traverses from here to there. Wild stuff that's made for those who like to ride the progressive jazz tip.

BENOIT DELBECQ TRIO/The Sixth Jump: Delbecq calls this outing a trio date and he doesn't pull any punches, like have a sextet on board. Dyed in the wool progressive jazzbos are calling back to progressive/civil rights era jazz with a real egghead slant. This is the stuff for real retro daddios that know who they are. Ya dig?

ROBIN HOLCOMB & TALKING PICTURES WITH WAYNE Horvitz/The Point of it All: One big happy family and their extended friends all band together to bring you art music at the top of their collective games. Having worked together in various combinations over the years, this is arts council music that gets the checks written. Give this to the art chick you can never figure out and watch the mystery subside.

THE HONEY DEWDROPS/These Old Roots: Old timey music in the sense that it was recorded the old timey way, like before there was digital and overdubs. A folk/roots/Americana duo that has deep musical roots in the Appalachian sound, if this doesn't get your parents blathering about organic music at the college coffeehouse 40 years ago, they've lost too many brain cells and you can feel free to filch whatever you want from their wallets. A staple on the back porch music circuit, whether live or electronic, this couple has it down right and tight. A righteously delightful organic music set, you can't pigeon hole it as anything other than wonderful. Well done.

FAT FREDDY'S DROP/Live at Roundhouse London: Totally uncontrollable wild men from New Zealand that know how to make the genre bend jams fly so funky. This is the kind of set kids of all ages will want to get the party started with and use it to let the good time continue to roll. Use it to get flat in all your fave ways, this crew is here for the jam, and they bring plenty of flavor. Check it out, be the first on your block.

Volume 33/Number 321
September 19, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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