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AMINA FIGAROVA/Sketches: Figarova continues to show how she is one of the leading lights of sitting down jazz with this well tempered set that cruises along in a deceptively simple fashion but is really so on top of it all that it takes a while for you to feel that nothing escapes her and there are no wasted notes. Grand in scope, this piano led crew is in synch throughout and more than up for the task of delivering a timeless set that will easily become and old audio pal in due course. Killer stuff.

JIM ROTONDI/1000 Rainbows: This trumpeter has been turning up on loads of sessions lately and it's more than time he gets to step out again. A real hitter for over 20 years, Rotondi knows jazz and shows he knows how to deliver. On the money and blowing up a storm, this post bop romp is fun of fun and high spots showing it's load of true brass throughout. A winner that's in the pocket and shouldn't be missed.

ZANE (read by Simi Howe & Krystal King)/The Hot Box: Unabridged over 7 discs, the leading writer of chick lit erotica turns it up a notch with simultaneous love triangles with two lusty ladies leading their respective charges through the paces, the thickets and everything else. This is one Stella that knows how to get your groove back. Hot tales for hard times, this will be sure to get temperatures rising well before the first disc hits it's closing track. Steamy stuff throughout.

JUDE DEVERAUX (read by Rick Holmes)/Scarlet Nights: Oh dear, stand by for a case of the vapors as a southern belle's fiancée disappears right before the wedding and a detective suddenly turns up, tracking the fiancée's criminal mom, and oh dear, the jilted bride and the detective grow closer until... well, you know. Deveraux doesn't need a series to keep the momentum going in her world of chick romance lit, and she does it again here. Clearly another genre winner for the current champ.
5 discs

SANDRA BROWN (read by Victor Slezak)/Tough Customer: In the world of lady blood n guts writers, when your estranged bastard is in mortal danger and you're a rule breaking son of a gun, you drop everything to chase the bad guy who's leaving a trail that just gets bloodier and gustier as you race to the finish line. Clearly not an old line cozy writer, this is some two fisted stuff for grizzly momma times. A solid thriller, this goes the distance in the style of Brown's past victories and delivers the goods sharply. Well drawn, and quartered, as well.
5 discs

PHILIPPA GREGORY (read by Bianca Amato)/The Red Queen: Good Lord, the things a woman pissed off won't do to make sure her son becomes the King of England! Hang on for a big fatty of a historical novel full of enough bitchiness to fill out a season of a reality show about spoiled teens, except this takes it way over the top. Gregory is a seasoned success in the historical novel game and here we find her turning it up to take on all media comers for your time and coin. Unabridged and running 11 discs, this is loaded with all the intrigue and soap opera situation cliff hangers you can handle while still having nails to bite off from the tension. A master at the top of her game throughout.

MATT MYKLUSCH (read by Norbert Leo Butz)/Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation: From one of the minds behind MTVu comes a boy's version of "Coraline" where a kid with a hum drum existence finds his comic books coming alive and pulling him into the world of super heroes where he has to do super hero stuff. Nice fantasy stuff for younger tastes that certainly pings their secret thoughts about the truth behind them being switches babies.
8 discs unabridged

MICHAEL CAPUZZO (read by Adam Grupper)/The Murder Room: The cold case dream team gets together to solve the craziest stuff that ever happened in the world of crime and with their forensic skills and a little luck, they serve justice to the most off the chart victims that have been remaindered and forgotten. Cinematic in it's telling, for any fans of real and true crime, this is a grand thrill ride that doesn't disappoint at all. Crisp throughout and always on the money, this is a can't miss genre winner.
12 discs unabridged

Volume 33/Number 266
July 26, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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