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KEN FOWSER & BEHN GILLECE/Little Echo: We like these guys because this set is all original but it sounds like some lost Prestige session that turned up during a recent Concord housecleaning looking for more things to dump at Oldies.com. A vibe/sax led quintet, this is fun stuff that's right in the old man jazz/hipster pocket that simply swings. These cats are on to something good and this set is the proof they are willing to share. Check it out.

COP OUT: Does Warners hate Kevin Smith so much they wouldn't give this blu ray combo pack their customary o card? You would think this would work on paper: Kevin Smith is brought in to save a script he didn't write with Bruce Willis paying John McClain's (spiritually) doofus brother, also a cop who has to save a stolen baseball card to pay for his daughter's wedding. Smith misses working with the Weinsteins, you can tell. Smith is a home video director and that's why this pic under performed in the theaters per WB's expectation---it was right on the money for a Smith pic. Everyone here is a fish out of water but it doesn't stop your from rocking with your glock out. The things that worked on paper work very well at home when you are lightly toasted.

THE LOSERS: Remember why the pic of "Dick Tracy" flopped with all that star power on board? It's because a comic book is a comic book and a movie is a movie---and as much as you would like to, you can't manufacture a franchise. Meanwhile Jeff Morgan does his best George Clooney, the action is non-stop in panel after panel comic book fashion and anyone over 30 who sees this will bitch about the kids today. A little Terrantino, some CIA chop socky, Zoe Saldana never upholsters her weapons and a trigger happy action hero, Cougar, just waiting for his own spin off. It's left open for a sequel, even the bad guy gets away, and WB owns the property lock stock and barrel, but don't be surprised if this is a one off.

CLASH OF THE TITANS: It's action hero time, ancient Greek style, as Greek mythology comes alive, with all the characters in tact, for a full throttle action ride that also insures you won't have to read this for lit class. Zeus, Hades, they're all here... and so is all the cool made up stuff that goes along with it. Ancient action to the max.

Volume 33/Number 258
July 18, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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