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HILARIO DURAN TRIO/Motion: There's some smoking jazz going on up in Canada, probably because they need it to keep warm. Duran's new power, piano trio draws on a lot of roots, notably swinging Latin sounds, and keeps it in high gear throughout. Unstoppable party music, this isn't so hot that it burns your tongue, but it is hot enough to keep you jumping. Solid stuff that has the right stuff and is loaded with dazzle. Count on this if you're looking for a good time.

CHRIS COLANGELO/Elaine's Song: Vet bass player comes in with an album of personal inspirations from instrumental musings about his wife to instrumental musings about musos that inspire him. A player with some well traveled chops, he still has a young lion's inquisitiveness to his playing and makes an accessible, creative date that is first class sitting down jazz that works throughout. Tasty, up market work that is played by a pro leading other pros.

EIGHTFOURSEVEN/Lossless: A post hardcore crew that has added electronica to their assault have just the sound to drive single, suburban parents crazy, especially if they were too young to appreciate prog rock. Mom, dad, the kids are alright, they just want your attention. Or something.

COMMITMENT/The Complete Recordings 1981/83: Look what happens when you aren't playing attention, I didn't even know some of the cats in Commitment were around 30 years ago but there were some of the prime movers in the loft jazz scene in New York. This set grabs their influential recording as well as some other material that didn't see the light of day in real time. Loft jazz was an outgrowth of free jazz and was very big on being a sitting down sound. So cerebral at times you can hear frying going on in the brain pan, this stuff is for the real art connoisseur. You can totally bet it's the real deal, and if you were into loft jazz as more than a fashion statement, this free work is timeless as it set it's own limits.

CONFERENCE CALL/What About...?" Heading out to Poland to record a double cd to mark their tenth anniversary, these leading lights of contemporary sitting down jazz bring all the squiggles and beeps to the fore to give the jazz malcontent all they could hope for and more. Packaged like the classic double live album of yore, this is what anyone too hip for the room what's to show off at their next gathering.

NATHAN EKLUND GROUP/Coin Flip: The vet trumpet player moves his act over to a new label home and kicks it off with a set of all original, purely New York contemporary jazz. Smart sitting down jazz with a sweep, this crew is playing like a unit and delivers the goods for high brow jazz fans looking for a date that hits just the right sweet spot in providing atmosphere that cooks.

BENNY SHARONI/Eternal Elixir: A post bop swinging, sax man, this is right in the pocket contemporary jazz with a classic move and groove that gets you going. When you get a player that knows how to connect and can keep a groove going with some style and swagger, you have a good time brewing. Not one to shy away from a ballad and still give it his all, Sharoni has a lot on the ball and doesn't disappoint. Check it out.

MARC COHN/Listening Booth 1970: Some people just have charmed lives. The cat has one major hit and parlays it into a career where he can do whatever he wants, have a high profile marriage and anything else he wants, except that health problem a while back. Here, he teams up with John Leventhal in the production booth to do his take on fave songs from 1970. And then Starbucks signs up to give it a push and the major media all falls in line. Once again, the originals are readily available but if you like Cohn, this is a nice personality album. Anyone else might just dig having all these songs in one place as they were fun the first time around.

Volume 33/Number 246
July 6, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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