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LEWIS BLACK/Stark Raving Black: Practically under the radar, Comedy Central has now released 100 albums from the star system they've been creating while everyone has been singing the blues. Appropriately to celebrate this milestone, they've bestowed that catalog umber on one of their most illustrious home grown acts. Black is sill mad as hell and not taking it anymore, finding stupidity is rampant even if his old targets have moseyed along. Here's 75 minutes of solidly angry humor, distinctly with a New York edge, by one of the greatest topical humorists of all time. This is a thinking person's laugh riot.

MARGIE BAKER & SHOTA OSABE/A Bit of Jazz and More...: An unlikely duo that has been playing Hilton's for almost 40 years and have had some unlikely life experiences as well come together to finally put down a set for the fans that don't think they are a well kept Bay area secret. A wonderful set of lounge jazz, this is what you want to play for fun when you need that change of pace you can count on. A delightful set throughout.

AVISON ENSEMBLE/Sonatas for Harpsichord Opus 5 & 7: In which we find the final volume of this Avison retrospective coming together under Gary Cooper's leadership. A lovingly played baroque master work, this is a sure bet for harpsichord lovers that often find they aren't getting their fill. This stuff has been so cool that you hate to see the series come to a conclusion.

STEVENS SIEGEL & FERGUSON TRIO/Six: Piano trio celebrates 20 years together with a new set for a new label. A warm and intimate set that covers the classics as well as originals in fine style, it leans toward the sitting down side of the ledger but over all, it's a dandy audio getaway. When you're together this long and you can still work together the simpatico washes over everything.

ETHAN MANN/It's All About a Groove: The guitarist shows his organ trio side with a jumping date that shows as much Philly soul as it does originals. Fun, jumping date that is simply all about a groove and this crew is expert at striking a great one. Hot stuff.

STEPHEN KING (read by (1) Craig Wasson, (2) Mare Winningham)Blockade Billy: In which we find Stephen King getting the memo we no longer have any attention spans. Turning his typing toward short stories as opposed to door stops and paper weights, King finds a sinister underbelly in 1957 baseball when his fictional character didn't have the paparazzi to deal with. Loaded with vernacular and hard boiled affectation, this will open the door to a load of new King fans easily. Since this is a short story, it's also coupled with another story, "Morality" that finds the ardent baseball fan back into his main literary métier.

Volume 33/Number 213
June 2, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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