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AGAIN AGAIN/Your Voice is Magic: Just because Hitler is the one that said ‘give me the children and I'll have tomorrow' doesn't mean he was wrong. It just has to be applied in the right way. Here's a snappy kiddie album that treats the kids like adults and plants positive messages which in the end are going to take the kids farther and to a better end. Pick up a copy of this for your kids and we'll send you a one year complimentary membership in the anti-schmuck league. Act fast.

JESSE JUKEBOX/Just a Minute: First the Ramones came with an album of songs under two minutes. Then Paul Wertico came with an album of 31 second songs because that's how long a song has to play on I-Tunes for the artist to get paid for a whole play. Now comes Mr. Jukebox with an album of one minute songs for youngsters with short attention spans. Bringing the spirit of Jack Black (safer than John Belushi for this age group) to kiddie rock, this is just a daffy good time. Feeling like a careering ride through a fun house, stuff like this will make skip buttons a thing of the past.

TEXAS HORNS/Everybody Let's Roll: The quintessential blues rock horn section of modern times takes their third star turn in 25 years by rounding up a bunch of the all stars they've backed up and letting the good times roll. Here's an easy way to make any backyard party feel like a trip on the blues cruise any time you want. Fun stuff that rocks.
(Blue Heart 31)

MARK MILLER/Standing on Shoulders: Detouring from a 20 year career in contemporary Christian music because of his father's quick death from Covid, Miller began researching his family history before all the other tracks were erased. The result is a personal, Americana flavored set that's nearly a first person journey throughout the past, pretty much Southern style. Without lit pretensions, Miller gives a very literate set of country flavored writings that open your ears in ways you don't expect. Personal stuff that can touch all.

AL BASILE/Through With Cool: An abrupt left turn that's really not one at all? A different creative bug bit Basile this time around and he's come with a mature statement on aging and the underpinnings to it that can knock your pegs out. The music also has this wild, slinky groove that his long time co-horts are really into as well. With a flow and a groove that wasn't there like this on recent past albums, Basile opens your ears to new possibilities that indicate he's not through with cool no matter what he thinks. A really class act of a mature album.
(Sweetspot 9946)

JOSH SINTON/Steve Lacy's Book of Practitioners V. 1 "H": Let's face it, this is for the real sax geek. A solo set of stuff Sinton first encountered 20 years ago when studying under Lacy before he was granted his whiz status, this is almost like a foreign language lesson tape. It's obviously a very personal statement from student to teacher.
(Fip 4)

TODD HERBERT QUARTET/May Waltz: A solid effort from a straight up sax player that has no problem bringing in some hitters to keep the spotlight shining for him. Mixing tasty originals with covers that have some added things to say, this straight ahead session is a fine listening date that opens the ears nicely.
(TH Productions 1000)

TONY TYRELL/Conviction: Despite having 30 years under his belt in the game, Tyrell takes a modern turn on singer/songwriter moving away from folk flavored into his familiar realm as a rocker. Speaking well to contemporary tastes, these looks at life are sure to hit home for many.

DANCELAND/Pink Lem: A tie dyed in the wool Deadhead might have taken the long way around to find his place in the firmament but now he's leading a jam band that maintains the ethos despite a youthful turn as a punk. A sweet little se that's sure to keep you on trucking, Easily the right jam band for a summer day.

LOVE CRUSHED VELVBET/Soul and the Barren heart: A dystopian set inspired by post pandemic New York, I guess it gives the rest of the country a look at how things are in the media capital of the world and the thoughts that will be disseminated to the rest of us. Not exactly the walk on the wild side the other Velvets gave us but it's reality based nonetheless. Music for times based on taking a walk on the riot side.
(Noble Steel 24)

Volume 46
August 2, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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