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THOMAS LINGER/Out in It: A super bright young pianist makes his jazzy debut in the company of some real hitters that all come together to ride this auspicious debut home. Writing as well as playing, he's got the daddio groove in his groove but he's no one trick pony. Just what you need when you're looking for some righteous swinging stuff that carries the day.
(Cellar 41621)

VIBRATORS/Fall Into the Sky: Sussing up they're a little long in the tooth to keep being angry young men, the legendary Brit punks circle the wagons for the farewell set. Still kicking it like the did when they were proudly part of the first wave, these trend setters prove how malcontent music is really timeless when done right.
(Cleopatra 2876)

CRYING VESSEL/Before Life Was Death: Dark wave officially finds it's footing in the pandemic years. A duo that knows how to turn the knobs up to eleven and make more noise then you'd think they could, this goes way beyond the 19th teenage nervous breakdown. This is the nu sound of the suburbs for the kids that have to live through mass school shootings.
(Cleopatra 2807)

LINDA GAIL LEWIS/Early Sides 1963-73: A fun and interesting record just because. With her brother Jerry Lee on one side and Elvis' gang on the other, Linda took to the studios in Memphis and Nashville with a bunch of cats that would go on to be your faves years later tearing it up here as hungry nobodies clawing for your attention. She was even cutting Kristofferson in 1969. A 60 year old rockabilly rebel party on a platter, how does this stuff stay in a box in the closet for so long? The Killer wasn't the only Killer in the family!
(Goldenlane 2922)

ORPHAN JON/Over the Pain: Hot and heavy blues rock shredding powers this set in fine form. Populist fun all the way, this is fist pumping, bar room rock in all it's glory Add this to any party to get things started.
(Vintage LaNell)

GREG DIAMOND/Calera Solo Sessions: A solo guitarist with the balls, dexterity and smarts to be able to hold the spotlight himself in various guises and not repeat himself through his prolific output. Here we find him in recital on his first set on classical guitar. Shifting away from his usual jazzbo precincts, we find him here doing the kind of music that makes us want to play guitar and quit soon afterwards. Hot throughout.
(Chasm 9034)

ALEX LOPEZ/Nasty Crime: Not content to be one of Florida's mainstay blues rockers, Lopez expands the palette here to include more hard rocking, working class rock that rocks out. Mixing a little message into the music, which isn't out of line these days, he gets his message across musically and lyrically engagingly. Mix this with kids and summer and you've got quite a mixture.

PATTY TUITE/Hard Case of the Blues: Easily a poster girl for getting rid of the invisible woman, this gal of a certain age is a gun slinger of a guitar slinger and can play slide like Bonnie Raitt. In fact, she sounds like Raitt did 50 years ago instrumentally, vocally and in the vibe of the material. And Bobby Rush drops by here instead of Junior Wells. The revered New Englander is sends us the kind of unexpected treat that's always more than welcome. A real find.

BOB CORRITORE & FRIENDS/You Shocked Me: Coming wrapped in Corritore's now expected cheesy artwork, this collection of sides recorded over the last 4 years in that blues capital of the world, Tempe, Arizona, Corritore rounds up an A list of contemporary post war blues aces for a masterful set that sounds like they just found the tape boxes in an unexplored corner of 2112 S. Michigan. Just throw every adjective that means blistering and badass against the wall and this review writes itself. Killer stuff throughout that any white boy that braved going to the Dexter Lake Club will love.
(Vizz Tone SWMAF 21)

TOO SLIM & THE TAILDRAGGERS/Brace Yourself: Some times a blues rock power trio that picks it up where ZZ Top left off needs to kick it out live so those playing along at home can hear what the crew is really made of. With spontaneity and live energy feeding back at them, this bunch delivers and really kicks it out. They ain't just about the blues, they're about the boogie.
(Vizz Tone Underworld 3)

Volume 46
August 1, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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