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JUNIOR WELLS/Blues Legend: More than 60 years might have passed since these sides were originally cut but with all the time and tide that's flowed under the bridge, the verve that originally powered them is still fully in tact. Recorded at a time when urban blues was a bat out of hell roaring out of the ghetto, Wells was one of it's highest fliers. A thorough harp badass as well as a powerful vocalist and writer, this twofer fixes some of the short shrifting he's been getting the last few decades. Real urban blues without affectation, this is the ground zero for much of the modern era. Solid.
(Cleopatra 2874)

UNWRITTEN LAW/Hum: SoCal alt.punk is still alive and well even if being missing in action for a decade. Returning with new stuff that hinges toward power pop punk, their loud and proud assault is still fully in tact.
(Cleopatra 2857)

STEVE KNIGHT/Persistence: Moving to Chicago just in time to get gob socked by the pandemic, Knight and his crew started putting on backyard concerts that drew so much attention an alderman moved them to a park where they could further hone their chops live. And now we have the debut. A Wes influenced guitarist that actually pinpoints George Benson as his lodestar, Knight is on the money no matter where he wants to peg his generational influence. A really right on set that delivers the goods for electric guitar jazz fans.

JEFF DALE/Blood Red Moon: Maybe not the original white boy with the blues, with 40 honking years under his belt this guitar slinger from the south side of Chicago might as well be. Keeping it down and dirty after all these years, the authenticity is what lifts this set above the fray. A well thought out release with a righteous flow, Dale's also made a fine gateway drug for those who want to get their feet wet but don't know where to jump in. Well done.
(Pro Sho Bidness 1551)

LAURA CREMA-BILL COON/String Songs: One of those very deep but subtle sets by two old pals and their pals that goes way beyond normal expectations. Not a cabaret set and not a traditional jazz vocal set, the two masters of the art are content to set their own course. One of Canada's classiest guitarists sets the stage for Crema's vocals to really shine. A super solid adult music release that does not disappoint.
(Creative BC)

CHRIS ANTONIK/Morningstar: A lot of Canadian award winning elbow grease went into this modern blues rock set and it's a vision for tomorrow in that you know where it's been but where it's going is anybody's guess. Hot, hard and heavy, it's successfully exploring galaxies of it's own making.
(Moondog 2)

JOSH MODNEY/Near to Each: Contemporary classical with punk rock energy, this is the ensemble debut of a nu violinist and his quartet that never met a hair pin turn they didn't like. Wild, adventurous stuff that moldy figs have better not apply for.
(Carrier 67)

BREEZY RODIO/Underground Blues: An Italian born white boy with the blues that found his way to Chicago to kick it out with some old school types before making his way to Austin and hooking up with those luminaries. Producer Anson Funderburgh finds a way to fuse the old school with the nu school on this set and doors are going to be opened as well as ears. A real bridge kind of set that really won't alienate anyone---the blues will carry on with sets like this as standard bearers.
(Windchill 15)

JUSTIN ROBERTS/Space Cadet: Roberts has this wonderful feel for reaching kids on their own level enough so that you might actually have hope for the world of tomorrow. With every kind for message that would give a Republican apoplexy presented in a non threatening way that makes it seem natural, this power pop for those not tall enough to reach the door knob yet---and they probably won't want to when this is playing. Fun stuff for kids of all ages.
(Carpet Square 12)

DERRICK PROCELL/Hello Mojo!: If you're going to be a white boy with the blues, you might as well be from Chicago. With chitlin circuit ferocity and oomph, Procell delivers it show room style, growling all the way through. Romping and rolling with ease and aplomb this is a masterful set of music for music fans that have been feeling like they've been involuntarily aged out. Smoking.
(Catfood 32)

Volume 46
July 25, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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