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MATT CHOBOTER'S HYPNOPOMPIA/Sleep Inertia: There's been some interesting progressive jazz coming out of the Germanic countries of late, but this Canadian brings it all back home---sort of. With angular and claustrophobic accents throughout, he keeps his hands on the wheel avoiding pots and pans clichés delivering a deep listening experience that is exciting with it's unpredictability. There's no mistaking this is a piano led date and there's no mistaking it's all about art.
(Songlines 1634)

STEVE YANEK/Long Overdue: A heartland rocker that's giving it a go after a false start rounds up his well pedigreed pals that know how to deliver a sound that keeps a bar room rocking. Smart writing, good singing and a solid knack for corralling the elements to make it all work. Right in the pocket to power a fun night out.
(Primitive 1012)

AARON STROSSNER QUARTET/Gifts: An electric guitar quartet that has a different feel that almost makes you think of Hawaii----but away from the tourists. Atmospheric but not in an ECM way, the vacation vibe makes this stand out and really grab your attention. With solid work from all involved, it's easy to welcome this guitarist to the fold.

JONES FACTOR/The Time is Now: The busman's holiday little big band comes back with their first set in 15 years, finally recorded because the shut down gave them time to co-ordinate their schedules as there was nothing able to be scheduled for a while. A collective of top flight jazzbos that could have done this in their sleep but didn't, this set of right on the money contemporary jazz is a winner throughout. When you just sit back and let real players do some real plying, the results can be awesome---like they are here.

KATIE DWYER MUSIC/Let's Move: If you think your little ones are already developing bad phone addiction habits, this award winner comes to your rescue with a high octane, generously tracked collection for short attention spans. Infectiously inspiring kids to move it or lose it, this is one of those can't miss family records that spreads enough cheer for everyone to share. A delightfully inspired romp.
(West Side Rose)

JC SANFORD/Imminent Stands Trio V. 2: Arts council music that doesn't sound like it, this bone man can color outside the lines without having the wheels roll off the track. Although fronting a trio, this sounds like spaced out second line funk with Sanford front and center. A well traveled player that really knows his stuff, this record would have failed in lesser hands but it really hit's the heights here. Solid.
(Shifting Paradigm 176)

MARIPAT DAVIS & RICHARD OSBORN/Here's to Love: Maybe it's a dose of left coast sun that makes this cabaret set stand out because it's not coated in the big apple tortured artist effect. Sun dappled cabaret(?), it's a program of love songs from mostly classic sources but with a lot of over looked surprises. With that something special that makes them blend as a vocal duo and rise above the clichés sets like this can too easily fall into, it's a welcome and fun listen throughout. One of those sets that was just made to be enjoyed.

APPLE & SETSER: Put two sterling bluegrass vets together and roll tape. That's all it takes to make an album of the year. Putting the sound and the chops first and foremost, it doesn't matter that they both have a few miles on them. Some of the most top shelf back porch music you can encounter, this is a must for anyone with a taste for folk/country/bluegrass that wants it as pure and solid as can be. A real charmer and delight throughout, there's just not a false note in the bunch.
(Bell Buckle 9089)

JOHN WILLIAMS-ANNE SOPHIE MUTTER/Violin Concerto No. 2: With all the people dropping dead around us recently, how inspiring it is to see the 91 year old maestro drawing inspiration from a muse half his age and firing up a dramatic, world premiere classical work that really lets her shine? Then to clear the palette, she rosins bow for a reprise of some well loved Lucas movie themes. With both of the principals playing at an endless top of their games, the rest of the field is going to have to run hard to catch up to this. With the Boston Symphony in tow, the full effect is a total mind blower that almost segues beyond genre.
(DGG 35442)

Volume 46
July 9, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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