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KATE WYATT/Artifact: A nicely breath taking angular listening jazz session that's a most impressive debut for this young pianist with a long trail already behind her. Solid on all points, this is sitting down jazz that would probably bring you to your feet if you heard it live. Hitting on all eight throughout.

JEREMY MANASIA TRIO/Butcher Block Ballet: An absolute no bullshit jazz piano trio led by a cat that's paid dues that have brought dividends, they start swinging right out of the box and run a marathon like it's a sprint. A right on right in the pocket set, Manasia planned this set so you wouldn't have to do anything but dig it and he succeeds in that quest in fine style.
(Blujazz 3501)

DAVID FRANCIS/Sings Songs of the Twenties: Every scene has a cat that's the ground zero guy for doing it old school and Seattle's is Francis. Featuring songs from the 20s here, just like the title says, he covers the waterfront of sings and singers from the past giving us this focus this time out. It's the fun diversion it was meant to be.
(Blujazz )

STRING ORCHESTRA OF BROOKLYN/Enfolding: I guess there are hipsters in Brooklyn that don't eat avocado toast and look like old time train engineers. This nu breed of classical hipster is well on their way to turning the classical world on it's ear with their commissions of new works and an approach that includes white space as the virtual sixth man on the court. An album that's about possibilities and attitudes, this takes the contemporary classical fan to some unexpected places in fine style.
(New Focus 331)

SALTMAN KNOWLES/Native Speaker: This duo of pals that met in college might not check in often but when they do, they have something to sonically say. Bridging civil rights and modern jazz, there's a non stop drive to this set that shows why they can fly so high under the radar. With solid contemporary takes on jazz, they swing and more delivering good times among the thoughtful moves. A winner.
(Odradek 523)

CANELITA SABROSA: The Supreme Court could learn a thing or two from this multi culti Atlanta bunch of funky jazzbos whose debut record is an outgrowth of the cat behind it all wanting to keep his musos working during the pandemic. Sounding kind of like Santana really indulging his fusion side, everyone here works and plays well with others. Even when a Grammy winning ringer is brought in to produce it, you never get the feeling that anyone is stepping on anyone else's toes. This set gets the good times rolling, Latin jazz style.

Volume 46
June 28, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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