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RON ADDISON/Ride On: If we've learned anything from Kate Bush it's that the young ‘uns need to be reminded of great music and Addison brings it home on the classic "Rainy Night in Georgia" here. A little along in years for this to be only his second album, this set was born of hard times and it's white boy blues peppered with the spirit of perseverance. A smart set that has the right message for the times delivered in the right way.

BENJAMIN KOPPEL/Anna's Dollhouse: The sax man pays tribute to the long life of his musical aunt with a whip smart crew of jazzbos bringing the story and the performance to life. One of those sets that's fairly cinematic in scope, it's not egghead stuff but it's serious sit down and listen stuff. With a crew at every station that doesn't need to be told what to do, this is quite a tale to be told and heard.

RANDY LEWIS BROWN/Wind of Change: The Americana record you've been waiting for to knock you over? A Texan that wears his Townes Van Clark on his sleeve, he's no one's manqué as this award winner creates a left of center set, even for a Texas, with a first class crew on board. A fully realized show all in itself, Brown writes from the heart in full blooded fashion delivering a mighty set of goods. This is one fine cowboy poet in overdrive.

MATT DWONSZYK/Year and a Day: A young bass player that brings us a different kind of daddio, this one showing many instances of Tom Waits hovering in the background. Not content just to keep thumping along, his creativity ranges well beyond those four strings. A set that gleefully colors outside the lines, this is the jazzbo that serves up something completely different.

EMANUELE FILIPPI/Heart Chant: With the Euro tradition at his Italian back, this is a solid look at a young, new piano man that has a lot on the ball. A student of Fred Hersch, this solo set with occasional coloration added by Seamus Blake, bodes well for a bright future. Putting his wide open ears to good use through his fingers, his non stop energy really drives this set over the top.
(Artosuono 217)

EVAN DRYBREAD/Tiger Tail: A young, straight ahead sax man that honed his chops on cruise lines isn't afraid to admit he digs classic Blue Note and bop to the max. Without manqueing around, he can play like he was part of that era, but he can also send up fusion which he also digs to the max. A jazzbo that plays it like he feels it, the thing that really puts this set over the top is the obvious joy he gets from his job and doing a job well done. Hot stuff.

CLINTON FEARON/Breaking News: The pandemic forced the reggae man to rethink his way of doing things. This material was an outgrowth of live streaming he did just to stay sane and to fight off the negativity swirling around the common sense singer. Rather than do most of the stuff himself at home, he sent the basic tracks to France where the gang in Riddim Source could add their ideas. Then he got on a transatlantic flight to brave the cooties and make this all in real-ish time. The result is a some compelling modern reggae that has all the skank you need and the message you want (or the other way around?). In any case this is a mighty set.
(Kool Ya Foot)

JOSE CONDE/Souls Alive in the 305: This set is so subtle it's almost a surprise when it knocks you out. With a mix of jazz, funk, chill, Latin, Afro Cuban, you can almost imaging this cat being Sergio Mendes' grand son showing the old dude how to do it for modern audiences. Recorded over a period of five years, it seems there would have been plenty of opportunity to over think things but he seems to have a laser like focus that overcomes time and tide. It's an after hours set geared toward modern tastes but geezers can get it and appreciate it without being looked at as ‘that guy'. Check it out.

DAN OLIVO/Day By Day: You really have to be high to appreciate all those coke head Sammy Joey's playing Vegas lounges pretending to be hip swingers. Olivo is mainstay on SoCal's up market jazz lounges, but thank the deity of your choice that he's no Sammy Joey. With a set card that would be a little too at home at Italian weddings or bar mitzvahs, he acquits himself by being a real swinger leading a swinging combo that fills the room like a big band. A natural performer, it would be a gasser if he could find some worthy material that would put him in that Bobby Darin/Buddy Greco range. Until the pandemic really breaks as over, this is a fine way to get your dose of swinging at home.
(Ava Maria 5316)

BEVERLEY CHURCH HOGAN/Sweet Invitation: It must be fun to be in California. Here we sit in the heartland getting amazing records loaded with the work of cats you didn't even know knew each other effortlessly putting it together, probably in one take. A stellar, A list crew supports this self confessed 86 year old who put her career on hold for half a century but still radiates more cool than any ten Courtney Loves. If I had a grand mother this cool, I'd probably visit her more often. The set list is classic, the jazzbos are playing perfectly but with feeling and Hogan sings without peer. One totally smoking package!
(Café Pacific 7060)

Volume 46
June 18, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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