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STEVEN RICKS/Assemblage Chamber: A nifty forward thinking cat that merges the past and the future with skillful dexterity as he tricks you into thinking he's launching into a standard baroque recital and then whisking you off into electro improv realms while still keeping one foot on the ground. Adventurous work throughout, count on this as being classical music for the Space X generation.
(New Focus 328)

KIMIA HESABI/Nemano Gaona: The debut of an Iranian violist breaks tropes as well as sound barriers as she tackles the works of the Iranian Diaspora and it's composers of note. Bringing in a host of new sounds, with some coloration in the background, the armchair traveler will find there's a world beyond world jazz with one spin of this disc. Blasting an pre-conceptions apart, this is a fine ear opener.
(New Focus 315)

DAVE BASS/The Trio V. 2: Suppose cocktail jazz got moved to a real listening room and the piano man really tore into that keyboard. That's what we get here from a piano man named Bass. Tearing into worthy material that doesn't play easy, he's a badass jazzbo through and through. A high octane set that even makes it's few familiar stops seem new, it's the ear opener you've been waiting for.
(Dave Bass Music 2)

KAT RIGGINS/Progeny: Mike Zito assembles a righteous crew to rock this musical autobiography into the stratosphere. A blues/soul belter that honors her past and where she came from, this set is as personal as raw skin. There's not a message that bludgeons you but it's so high octane that you have to be ready to rock before you give this a real listen. Hot stuff.
(Gulf Coast)

VANDERWOLF/12 Little Killers: Almost like a Bob Neuwirth of left leaning sounds and places, Vanderwolf make s his first record under his own name after a bunch of other releases in other configurations. Here, he's almost a folkie charging forward with a left leaning edge. Certainly to become a prized out of the ordinary release.

KEVIN KASTNING-LASZLO GARDONY/Levitation I: The flavor we get from Kastning this time out is his first face off with pianist Gardony in which they redefine the ECM cool school sound. With a strong classical/improv feel, these two masters of their crafts are on the money throughout---as usual. Deep listening that will pay dividends and rewards.
(Greydisc 3568)

JOCELYN GOULD/Golden Hour: So how does a dazzling guitarist follow up her Juno winning debut set? How about with a swinging set that should fare just as well. Smoking and tasty throughout, her crew of hitters behind her is right in step and the result is a jazzbo delight. A most right on set from a most right on player.
(Jocelyn Gould 422)

Volume 46
June 13, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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