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DYLAN TRIPLETT/Who Is He?: Whew! A wonderful kick ass debut from a new soul singer that is from St. Louis but has rocking moves added to the deep soul vibe. High octane stuff with a crack band bringing up the rear, anyone that savors sweat and ‘ha!'s will have a great time rocking the joint with this newcomer that comes with some impeccable credentials as well. A new look at the real deal.
(Vizz Tone NNF01)

BOB MARGOLIN & BOB CORRITORE/So Far: When two old pals, whether Chester and Lester or Emmylou and Rodney, get together and let the natural chemistry flow, the results will blow you over. Two old Chicago blues brothers make their first acoustic duo recording and come off almost sounding like more like Brownie and Sonny than they do two white boys with the blues. A must hear for the real blues fan.
(Vizz Tone SRR06)

LINDA SUSSMAN/Shake it Loose Today: Sussman gets extra points not only for not being afraid to be called woke and get slammed for it but also for making message music in a time where it's really needed. Avoiding ev ery trope that births clichés, no matter what kind of folkie you want to characterize her as, she provide a calming voice for riding turbulent waters. A first class set of anthems for today.
(Sing Out Proud 22)

LAUREN GLICK/Lush: This white gal with the blues gleeful smashes clichés and stereotypes as she leads her power trio into the valley of the soul. Coming on like Joss Stone's gritty sister, Glick isn't afraid to take it down and dirty for a real rousing time that states her case mightily. She's not a belter, she's a blaster.

STEVE DAWSON/Phantom Threshold: An instrumental pedal steel album? Career suicide or the soundtrack to the next Clint Eastwood movie---one that'll have to be an indie pic with all the freedom that goes with it. A moody set bottomed by crack musicianship, at the very least turn off the sound on a Wim Wenders video, roll a fatty and substitute your own dialog with this playing in the background. Minds can still be blown. In lesser hands, this set wouldn't ring so true.
(Black Hen 97)

MELISSA STYLIANOU/Dream /Dancing: Stylianou leaves her vocal trio for the moment to lead her own jazz drummerless trio where the guitar is almost as much of a focal point as her voice. A nice trip down memory lane, this program would be at home at any cabaret but the level of performance should be a clue that you shouldn't mind going to a joint with a higher cover---it'll be worth it. Such a sweet disc I'm glad I still have a cd player.
(Anzic 80)

FELIPE SALLES/Tiyo's Songs of Life: Talk about civil rights jazz---this is the debut set of works by a guy that was serving life in prison and composed these tunes to keep from going nuts and shutting his spirit down. The material found it's way to sax man Selles who found the right players and the right touch to bring this material to life. Some material here goes back to his pre-prison days as a jazzbo only showing that you can't keep a good jazzbo down. Check it out.
(Tapestry 76031)

UNTIL THE SUN/A Night in the Rhythm Room: A bunch of rockers fronted by a real rock chick, how long will it be until someone like Dr. Luke makes her an offer she can't refuse? This live set feels like how it must have been when Heart started out playing any place they could until their chops were honed like barracuda teeth.

MICHAEL DEASE/Best Next Thing: The bone man, who has become nothing less than a trusted brand name, rounds up a slew of the Posi-Tone All Stars to tip the cap to modern jazzbos that are a touch overlooked for no good reason. A straight ahead set that's a fast ball right down the middle for almost any jazzbo, these cats know how to play and they deliver a fat load of the goods without showing off. Tasty stuff that opens the ears to new stuff they've been missing as well as some new stuff. Well done.
(Posi-Tone 8232)

YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED/Plays Super Fly: Already luminaries on their own for almost 20 years, Curtis Mayfield brought the shine back to the Chicago music scene with "Super Fly" so it seems only fitting this crew showed some local pride, as well as bringing out the elemental funk in the movie score, for their farewell album. Recorded 50 years ago but still feeling sample ready and fresh, the various reissues of this set over the years has proven the legs they gave to music of all kinds. Never have so few sounded so funky.
(Liberation Hall 5073)

Volume 46
June 11, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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