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ACOUSTIC LULLABY: That's right kids, kid music comes to bluegrass. A pair of pickers take a basic program of basic kid greatest hits, apply their substantial chops and offers up a solid acoustic set of tunes that hopefully will send the little brats off to dream land. With nothing here to angry up their blood come bedtime, you can buy this and put it to good use rather than get them hooked on benadryl at an early age. Sweet stuff.
(Pinecastle 1249)

BLUEGRASS 2022: In which we find a crew of killer pickers getting together for a smoking, back porch guitar pull and letting the chops fly from here to there with wild abandon. With nary a corny lick in the bunch and a few visits to old pals that shouldn't be forgotten, these cats will never play it lonesome because high octane stuff like this will always attract a crowd. Smoking.
(Pinecastle 1263)

JIM HURST/From the Ground Up: Just an achingly beautiful down home/back porch organic record as fresh as the morning dew. Picking, singing, material picking, it's all here in first call fashion. A great record that's really one from the heart.
(Pinecastle 1266)

PD ADAMS/This Curious Wonder: A highly personal album with highly universal feelings that might cut too close to the bone for the average mook to handle. Messing around with strings in all kind of ways for the last few decades with great results, this time out, Adams puts voice to his works looking at things from the other end of the telescope and wondering what it's all about after all. Raw, bare knuckle writing throughout, a few spins through this is better and cheaper than therapy---especially if you're getting up there in upper boomer territory.
(Lake Front 21)

YOSH & YIMMY/Three Rivers: Even Texas troubadours have to come into the modern age and go pomo and this duo does just that. As ground breaking as their mentors and elders in the Texas lineage, they know how to play it straight and how to take it off kilter to solid results. Quirky without ever getting weird for the sake of weird, 30 years from now kids will be looking at them as the new Guy and Townes.

SILVER LAKE 66/Space Between Us: This Portland duo and their pals didn't let the pandemic get them down as this record just goes on to prove that no matter what happens the sun is coming up tomorrow. Playing through the pain (so to speak) they rock, bring the humor and just let the river flow where it will. A great antidote to everything we're just freaking sick of, they show how to keep it positive without resorting to a word salad of platitudes.

SHIRI ZORN & GEORGE MUSCATELLO/Into Another Land: This is a small album with a big sound propelled by some real hitters that have been submerging their explosive talents because they were being pushed to fit the format. With Tierney Sutton taking the lead as producer, this duo and a Brazilian pal come in with a Brazilian jazz/world date that hits it to the far corners but keeps it cogent. Underpinned by a skewed 50s sensibility, this is one of those out of the ordinary albums that spurts infectious grooves like it's nothing more than second nature. A real treat on a lot of levels.

JESSY J/Blue: One of our contemporary saxy ladies checks in with a real groovathon set that finds the pocket early and just goes deeper into it. A shining example of that smooth jazz with bite, this just keeps smoking and grooving in the most wonderful way. Hot stuff.

FALCO-SINTON-WILSON/Adumbrations: A nice dose of sitting down jazz as these three long time pals that have never recorded together get down to some serious improv business. Solidly thinking man's free jazz, these cats have at long last planted their flag in the 21st century.
(FiP 37)

BILL ORTIZ/Points of View: With his first solo album since flying Santana's nest after a long spell, this trumpeter that never met a genre or an act he didn't like shows just how important the right spark plug can be to the mix. Letting others handle the writing chores so he can take you from Miles to funk to mad soul and beyond, with this only being his third solo album of his career, this cat needs to grab some spotlight more often---for our enjoyment of course. He's got it really going on.
(Left Angle)

Volume 46
May 31, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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