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JONAS TIMM/Morbu: Maybe it's the presence of the accordion but this adventurous piano man and his pals seem to be doing an update on tango meets Hot Club without really trying(?) Muscular, angular and highly melodic, this sound could have only come to us from Europe because any American label with the budget and the desire would be lacking the balls to go forward. An auspicious debut that's really a grand ear opener, this is a welcome zephyr for the open minded jazzbo. Hot stuff.
(Double Moon 71396/Jazzthing Next Generation V. 92)

JOE HAIDER SEXTET/Maria Magdalena: One of the great German jazz road warriors is still not getting the recognition he more than deserves as he rounds the curve into his mid 80s. With a career that might pre-date your grand parents, this piano man plays contemporary, straight ahead jazz with well oiled fingers that still have loads of life in them from all aspects of performance. Tasty stuff for those who are still willing to go out and pay for a good time.
(Double Moon 71408)

VITALII KYIANYTSIA/Last Day of Spring: Though the Christlieb/Marsh sessions from the 70s were ostensibly blowing dates, this piano man brings to this session what that piano man brought to those sessions---a sprightly professionalism that had humor and grace in it's grooves. Pressing forward with the indomitable spirit of the Ukies that they are, with soul like this in the population, it's no wonder they keep fighting on without reserve. A solid listen throughout.
(Double Moon 71399)

STRAT CAT WILLIE & THE STRAYS/On a Hot Tin Roof: You can tell this white boy with the blues first picked up a guitar 50 years ago as an alternative to joining the SDS to impress the Karens of tomorrow running wild on white privilege college campuses with their daddy's gold cards (sticking it to him because he was a running dog lackey of the imperialist pigs!). More of a party animal than a real white boy with the blues even though his affinity for blues/rock is clear, the times have changed since the pass the hat days and he's changed nicely with them. For everyone that's forgotten what a good time is, this is a perfect place to jog your memory. Solid throughout.

JENN CLEARY/Happy Day: A white gal with the blues with a parallel life as a Magastanner's worst nightmare shifted gears to drop a kiddie album that hit it right out of the park right from the start. Here we find her enacting another pivot---this time moving kiddie pop in a new genre of her own making that I'm naming for her now---family pop. Family friendly without being pabulum, she tends the seeds Maria Muldaur planted a while back in her kiddie pop forays and realizes the vision mightily. Treating kids like real people as opposed to fashion accessories, who'da thunk it? Killer stuff and guaranteed fun for kids of all ages.

Volume 46
May 17, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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