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ART GRIFFIN'S SOUND CHASER/Seven Ages of Starlight: One thing you can count on in this upside down world is that Roger Dean still has it to keep prog inspired cover art coming. This crew is more about space than Yes, the light beams are in the right place as is their hearts. Modern strum and drang that hits the mark.

SKOLD/Dead God: The Swede metal industrialist finally let's loose with the album that never came out because it was leaked. Like the current political climate shows us, anger keeps well whether kept in the freezer or in aspic. Are you a pissed off suburban kid that feels like you have no control? Here's something right up your alley.
(Cleopatra 2636)

RICKY FORD/Paul's Scene: Saxalicious! Nuff said! Old pro Ford blows up a storm with some other old pros at his side. All have no dust on them. A beautiful straight ahead date that needs no frippery to make it's point, this is pure listening gold.
(Whaling City Sound 135)

ARC TRIO/Arceology: Well, WDR big band isn't the only crew that makes everyone that steps in front of them look good. Here we find Jimmy Haslip merging his crew with John Daversa's to cover the music of Haslip pal MSM Schmidt. It all adds up to killer modernish big band that is as fun as a roller coaster that gives you chills and spills without the whipsaws that make you throw up. Solid instrumental work that works.
(Blue Canoe 1480)

SAN GABRIEL 7/Under the Stars: The funky spaceman gathers his pals around for another successful lift off. Adding a ringer, a top Danish jazz thrush to add the be bopping, this solid set of living room funk is a great energetic but easy going romp. Easily a solid set of Friday afternoon fun, leave the dark side of the moon to others.
(SGS Jazz)

ESTER WIESNEROVA/Blue Journal: A delightful, new thrush from Slovakia but with the twee sound that could have her singing at you from anywhere between France and Brazil. Moody enough that she could almost be cabaret, this is one of those nifty adult listening dates that comes complete with grown up feelings. If you buy the cd, this also comes complete with a fat journal just waiting for your insights to be made for posterity.

PANDA RIOT/Extra Cosmic: Why do they call these Chicago transplants shoe gaze when it's clear they are dream pop. Wearing their indie DIY spirit clearly on their sleeves. They know their way through their particular underground well and are proper tour guides.

MILEN KIROV/Spatium: Take a guy that has that buttoned down eastern European look from before the wall fell, give him a solo piano session and wrap it in Windham Hill/ECM trappings. You think you know what you've got? Wrong!!!! Kirov explodes out of the box in a dazzling set of genre splicing you wouldn't expect and wraps it all nicely in an improv package. This guy already knows he's a star, it's just a matter of getting the word out. Smoking, smoking, smoking throughout, this is the start of something big.
(ICSM 14)

Volume 46
April 25, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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